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Deanna Campbell was a hunter married to Samuel Campbell. As the mother of Mary Winchester, Deanna was also John Winchester's mother-in-law and Dean and Sam Winchester's maternal grandmother.


Deanna and her husband Samuel Campbell were hunters who raised their daughter Mary as a hunter as well. How and why Deanna became a supernatural hunter is unknown.

Season 4[]

When Deanna met her future grandson Dean Winchester, she invited him for dinner despite not knowing his connection to her family.

Later, Deanna found Samuel possessed by Azazel and taunting an immobilized Dean; she tried to sneak up behind them for a surprise attack but Azazel noticed her presence when she cried out in response to him fatally wounding his host - her husband. She rushed to grab the Colt but Azazel grabbed her and snapped her neck before she could, killing her.

However, Dean avenged her death by killing Azazel in the future.