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Dad? It's okay. You can go now.
Dean's goodbye to Sam
in Carry On

Dean Winchester II is the son of Sam Winchester.


In Carry On, after the death of his older brother, Sam began to live a normal life, while continuing to hunt. In an unknown period of time he developed a relationship with an unknown woman. After some time they had a son, whom they named after his late uncle. For the rest of his life Sam took care of his family especially his son.

When Sam became elderly and is on hospice, Dean comes to him and says goodbye to him. Taking his son by the hand, Sam dies happy with tears in his eyes.

Physical Appearance

Dean is a white man with shaggy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has the anti-possession tattoo on his right forearm to protect himself from demons.



  • Dean is a masculine name of English origin. The meaning of the name is "leader" or "valley".
  • Dean was named after his paternal uncle, Dean Winchester.


  • Dean is the last new character introduced in the show.
  • Dean is the only member of the Winchester Family who is still alive. Although this is not fully confirmed, since the fate of Adam Milligan after the defeat of God remains unknown.
    • It's also unknown whether Dean has any children during the time he made his debut.
  • He was the last person born into the Winchester family; before him his cousin Emma had the role.
    • Although unlike Emma, he didn’t rapid age after birth and he survived the episode he debuted in.
  • He never met his paternal uncle and namesake Dean Winchester.
  • The identity of Dean's mother is unknown.
  • Due to the anti-possession tattoo on Dean's arm, it is implied that Sam either taught him how to hunt, or at least made sure that he was informed, so that he could be prepared against any potential supernatural dangers.
    • It is noteworthy that Dean got the tattoo in the same place where his uncle and namesake once had the Mark of Cain.