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Dean: "Why's it always gotta be me that makes the call? Not that Cass lives in my ass, that dude's busy."
Castiel: (appears behind Dean)
Dean: "Cass, get out of my ass!"
Castiel: I was never in your...?"[1]
Victor: "I-I I shot the sheriff!"
Dean: "But you didn't shoot the deputy!"[2]
Tessa: "You don't remember me?"
Dean: "Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time I heard a girl say that..."[3]
Castiel: "Archangel. The one who killed me."
Dean: "Excuse me?"
Castiel: "His name is Raphael."
Dean: "You were wasted by Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel?"[4]
Castiel: (Castiel is asleep in the back seat.)
Dean: Aw. Ain't he a little angel?
Sam: Angels don't sleep.
Dean: Sam, I got a bad feeling about this.
Sam: Well, you'd be nuts to have a good feeling about it.[5]
Dean: "Are you wearing glitter?"
Kid: "I only do it to get laid, man."
Dean: "...Does it work?"[6]
Christian: "Who you calling?"
Dean: "Your wife. Let her know I'm not gonna make it over tonight."[7]
Sam: "What kind of thing likes virgins and gold?"
Dean: "P. Diddy?"[8]
  • "What are you, the Dog Whisperer now?"[9]
  • "You hold him down while we knife him, and then we'll all go out for ice cream and strippers."[10]
  • (pulls down pants and raises arms) "PUDDINNGGG!....... crazy works."[11]
  • Dean: "Well, if it isn't the ghost of christmas SCREW YOU!"[12]
  • "Well that's great, because without your power, you're basically just a baby in a trench coat."[1]
  • "Life as an angel condom. That's real fun."[13]
  • "Seriously. Why? Why would anybody want to watch our lives?"[14]
  • "What kind of douchebag names a character after himself?"[14]
  • "You married fake Ruby?"[14]
  • "Look at these male model sons of bitches. Nice 'Blue Steel', Sam."[14]
  • "Misha? Jensen? What's up with the names around here?"[14]
  • "I'm not wearing any makeup. Oh crap. I'm a painted whore."[14]
  • "The whistle makes me their god."[15]
  • "So, what? We've got a bunch of killer dolls? Like Chucky?"[16]
  • "What I'm good at... is slicing throats. I ain't a father. I'm a killer. And there's no changing that. I know that now."[17]
  • "You're just as screwed up as I am, you're just... bigger."[18]
  • "My Spidey senses are tingling."[19]
  • "I'm going to go hit the poop deck."[19]
  • "Look, all I know is that I was not groped by an angel."[20]
  • "What was I suppose to do? Let T-1000 walk around and hope that he doesn't open fire?"[8]
  • "Shawshank's a great flick, but let's skip the shower scene."[21]
  • "Karma's a bitch, bitch."[21]
  • "Let me get dressed, Robo-Cop."[22]
  • [to Samuel] "So what's so important that you're the King of Hell's cabana boy? What did he offer you: girls, money, hair?"[7]
  • "Gramps throw a barbecue, leave us off the e-vite list?"[7]
  • "You go with Efron. I got Bieber."[6]
  • "Oh god, please let that be a rifle."[23]
  • "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here."[24]
  • "What, did you lose the ability to send a text message?"[25]
  • "We can either take on the Devil together, or you lame-ass bitches can eat me. Literally."[26]
  • "What are you, the Hamburglar?"[27]
  • "Why does Heaven care if Harry meets Sally?"[27]
  • "Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one dropout with six bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. It's awesome."[28]
  • "A bloody, violent monster... and you wanna be Facebook friends with him? Nice, Sammy."[29]
  • "Calm down? I am wearing sunglasses at night. You know who does that? No-talent douche bags. I hate this game. I hate that we're in a procedural cop show. And you want to know why? Because I hate procedural cop shows. There's like 300 of them on television, they're all the freaking same."[29]
  • "Eat it, Twilight!"[4]
  • "Well, how 'bout this, the suite life of Zach and Cass?"[30]
  • "I'm sitting in a laundry-mat, reading about myself... sitting in a laundry-mat reading about myself. My head hurts."[4]
  • "Go have your Robin Williams 'Oh Captain! my Captain!' moment."[15]
  • "Boy, three bedrooms, two baths, and one homicide. This place is going to sell like hotcakes."[31]
  • "I have been Re-Hymenated."[32]
  • "Dude, on my car, he showed up naked, covered in bees."[33]
  • "Vampirates."[34]
  • "Come on, Sammy. Let's have a beer, talk about it. I'm tired of playing."[35]
  • "So let me ask you... which one of us is really a monster."[35]
  • "Do it. It's all you."[35]
  • "Yes, an Archangel so badass that he was personally dumped into the cage by God himself."[36]
  • "Man. Those pillows, right? The little chocolates that they put on? I mean, I'm ruined, Sam. Those limey sons of bitches ruined me. I even took a swim this morning."[37]
  • Driver picks the music; shotgun shuts his cakehole![38]
  • I mean come on, we hunt Monsters! Normal people - they see a monster and they run, but not us; we search out things that want to kill us. You know who does that? Crazy People![39]
  • "I'm Batman."[40]
  • "Saving people, hunting things, the familiy business."[41]
  • "Dude, you're fugly."[42]
  • "Dude, where's the pie!?"[20]
  • [to Victor Henriksen] You kinky son of a bitch, we don't swing that way.[2]
  • "Fight the fairies"[43]
  • "You lied to me. I was a kid. You promised you'd keep me safe. And then you make a deal with Azazel. Yeah, it saved Dad's life, but I'll tell you something else that happened. Because on November 2, 1983, old Yellow Eyes came waltzing in to Sammy's room because of your deal. You left us. Alone. 'Cause Dad was just a shell. His perfect wife? Gone. Our perfect Mom, the perfect family was gone. And I, I had to be more than just a brother. I had to be a father and I had to be a mother, to keep him safe. And that wasn't fair. And I couldn't do it. And you wanna know what that was like? They killed the girl that he loved. He got possessed by Lucifer. They tortured him in Hell. And he lost his soul. His soul. All because of you. All of it was because of you. I hate you. I hate you. And I love you. 'Cause I can't -- I can't help it. You're my Mom. And I understand 'cause I have made deals to save the ones I love more than once. I forgive you. I forgive you. For all of it. Everything."[44]
  • "Keep grinding. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, you got to keep grinding. And that's how we're gonna win. And we're gonna win. We're gonna save Cass, we're gonna ice the Devil, and we're gonna shank the Darkness. And anyone that gets in our way, well, God help them."[45]
  • Dean: "It's good to have you back, Cass."[46]
  • I am your sword, your perfect vessel. With me, you'd be stronger than you've ever been. (...) If we work together, can we beat Lucifer? Can we?! (...) Lucifer has Sam! He has Jack! Cass I don't have a choice! If we do this, its a one-time deal. I'm in charge. You're the engine but I'm behind the wheel. Understand?[47]
  • We track evil and kill it, the family business, is that it? Look at the tape, Sam. Evil tracks us. It nukes everything in our vicinity, our family, our friends, it's time we put a proper name to what we really are and we deal with it.[48]
  • I'm beyond saving. I know how my story's gonna end. It's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun.[49]
  • Well, call it personal experience, but nobody gets that angry unless they're talking about their own family.[29]


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