This unnamed doctor looked after Dean following a collision with a truck.


After a demonically-possessed truck driver drove into The Impala, Dean was severely injured and fell into a coma upon arriving at a hospital.

This doctor watched over Dean, unaware that Dean had become a detached spirit. When Sam Winchester paid Dean's unconscious body a visit, the doctor told Sam that his father John was awake and he could pay John a visit. When asked about Dean's condition, the doctor informed Sam that Dean's condition was indeed severe, and he did not expect Dean to survive.

He told Sam that Dean was fighting very hard, and there was no guarantee of helping Dean unless he woke up. This infuriated Dean, who was watching the conversation.

When the reaper Tessa, in her true form, attempted to reap Dean's soul, this doctor and a group of nurses struggled to keep Dean alive. Dean himself was able to scare Tessa away by touching her.

Dean eventually recovered due to a deal made by John with Azazel. John died in Dean's stead and the doctor was unable to revive John.



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