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You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

Robert Johnson: Holy--
Crossroad Demon: Holy? Guess again.
Robert Johnson: I want to play guitar. I want you to make me the best blues man ever lived.
Crossroad Demon: If that's what you want.
The Crossroad Demon to Robert Johnson
in Crossroad Blues

This unnamed Crossroad Demon was among Crowley's "employees". She was called "the crossroad demon" in the show, but she is here nicknamed "Dean's crossroad demon" due to the later addition of many other crossroad demons into the show.

The demon was summoned twice by Dean: first to break one of her contracts, and later to sell his soul in exchange for Sam's resurrection. Shortly afterward, she was killed by Sam when she refused to break his brother's contract.



In 1930, the demon was summoned by Robert Johnson to Rosedale, Mississippi. Appearing in the form of a young woman, she agreed to give him musical talent as part of a deal, which she then sealed by kissing a surprised Robert. Eight years later, he died of a heart attack while being terrorized by hellhounds.

In 1996, the demon was summoned by George Darrow and made a deal for his soul in exchange for giving him artistic talent. After they sealed the deal, she spent a week hanging around a bar called Lloyd's, where she made three more deals with unsuspecting humans: Sean Boyden for architectural talent and success, Silvia Pearlman for success as a surgeon, and Evan Hudson for his wife's health.

The demon had heard about the Winchesters beforehand, including that John had sacrificed himself as part of a deal to save Dean's life.

Season 2[]

The demon was summoned by Dean in Crossroad Blues, as part of his attempt to save Evan from his contract. She refused to spare Evan, and tried to manipulate Dean into making a deal for John's resurrection instead. Although he appeared to consider it, he was actually trying to lure her into a devil's trap; once she realized this, she was enraged and threatened to kill him, but then decided to let him live on in his misery upon realizing that he had a death wish. Again feigning a desire to make a deal for his father, this time Dean succeeded in tricking the demon under another devil's trap he had prepared. She finally agreed to break Evan's contract after Dean started exorcising her.

Incensed by Dean's actions, the demon described to him the pain his father was undergoing in Hell, and told him he should have taken the deal she had offered him. She quickly left her vessel when an upset Dean went to exorcise her anyway.

After Sam was killed in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, the demon was summoned by Dean in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2 to try to convince her to resurrect Sam. Taking the vessel of another young woman, she relished in Dean's despair and took pleasure in repeatedly rejecting his offers at a deal, claiming that his soul was too tarnished to want. However, she eventually relented and agreed to bring Sam back. She gave Dean one year before his deal's deadline arrived, warning him that Sam would die instantly if he tried to break his contract.

Season 3[]

In Bedtime Stories, the demon was summoned again by Sam. When he aimed the Colt at her, she realized that it wasn't "the original Colt" and deduced that Ruby had been involved in restoring the gun's power.

The demon laughed at Sam's demand that she spare Dean in exchange for her own life. She started playing mind-games with Sam by suggesting that he was only making half-hearted attempts at saving his brother and that Sam was better than Dean and tired of dealing with him.

The demon revealed that Sam killing her wouldn't break Dean's contract, and refused to reveal the identities of higher-ranking demons who could. Much to her shock, the demon was killed when a frustrated Sam suddenly shot her in the head with the Colt for being "a smartass", killing both the demon and her vessel.

Season 4[]

During I Know What You Did Last Summer, an unnamed Crossroad Demon mentioned her to Sam who wanted to switch places with the now dead Dean. He brings up how he was hesitant to appear since Sam had shot one of his co-workers. This demon was killed by Sam when he similarly refused to make a deal because the demons had Dean where they wanted him.

Physical Appearance[]

When disembodied, the demon manifested as a thick cloud of black smoke. The sclera and irises of her human hosts' eyes turned red at will. The pupils remained black but became thin, cat-like slits.

The demon only possessed attractive young brunettes wearing dresses. Of these, one was a black woman wearing a white dress, and three were white women wearing black dresses.

Powers and Abilities[]

This demon was a typical Crossroad Demon with all the powers of one.


This demon had the common weaknesses of all demons.


Killed By[]

After Bobby Singer was able to make new bullets for the Colt with the help of Ruby, Sam attempted to use the legendary gun to threaten this demon into releasing Dean from his crossroads deal. After the demon revealed that she couldn't, Sam shot her in the head with the Colt, killing her.



  • She acted as the secondary antagonist of season 2.
  • The demon's first on-screen actress (Christie Laing) previously appeared in Supernatural as Taylor in "Hook Man".
  • The demon's last actress was Sandra McCoy, who was Jared Padalecki's (Sam's actor's) girlfriend at the time. They later broke up.
  • This demon is the second demon to be caught in a devil's trap by the Winchesters. The first was Meg.
  • The demon was the first crossroad demon to appear; she was thus also the first red-eyed demon to appear.
  • Because the demon was the only crossroad demon Sam and Dean encountered for three seasons, they called her "the crossroad demon."
  • The demon implied that she personally knew Ruby, lamenting, "She is such a pain in my ass."
  • Although the demon had the power to break her contracts in Crossroad Blues, she claimed to no longer have this ability in "Bedtime Stories" and that her boss held her contracts instead.
  • Her Anime Series counterpart is Crossroads Demon (Anime Series).