These four unnamed demons were captured by Dean Winchester in an attempt to find Lisa and Ben Braeden.


After Lisa and Ben Braeden were kidnapped by Crowley, hunter Dean Winchester decided to locate them by capturing demons and torturing them for information. Dean captured three demons and tortured them within a devil's trap within Bobby Singer's shed with no luck. After they refused to talk, Dean killed each of them with the demon-killing knife.

After having captured a fourth demon, Dean was briefly interrupted by Sam, but refused to stop. As his torture continued to fail to work, Dean filled a syringe to use on the demon and threatened to remove his skin "strip by strip", kill him and move on to the next demon. As Dean threatened him, the demon noticed that Dean had inadvertently broken the paint of the devil's trap he was using to hold the demon prisoner. Taking advantage of this, the demon telekinetically threw Dean against Bobby's van and broke free of the straps Dean used to tie him to a chair. The demon strangled Dean against the side of the van, but Castiel appeared behind the demon and smote him before he could harm Dean any further.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

These demons appeared to be regular low-level demons with the powers of ones.

  • Demonic Possession - As demons, they needed a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As demons, they would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As demons they was invulnerable to normal methods of harm.
  • Telekinesis - After discovering that Dean accidentally broke his devil's trap, the last of the demons was able to telekinetically fling him against Bobby's van.
  • Super Strength - As demons, they were stronger than most humans and monsters. The one who escaped due to Dean's carelessness easily broke through the straps holding him and strangled Dean against the side of Bobby's van with one hand with Dean unable to break his grip.


As regular low-level demons, they possessed all the weaknesses of ones.

  • Devil's trap - Like all demons, they could be bound by a devil's trap. Dean was able to use one to hold the demons while he tortured them.
  • Demon-Killing Knife - As regular low-level demons, they were vulnerable to the knife. Dean used it to torture them and kill three of the four when they wouldn't talk.
  • Angels - The Seraphim Castiel was effortlessly able to smite one.


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