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This unnamed dealer once encountered a sleep-deprived Sam.


Sam Winchester, haunted by hallucinations and unable to rest, is running the streets at night. Sam sees a dealer selling drugs to a woman. When Sam stops near the dealer and woman, the woman leaves and the dealer orders Sam to leave. But then the dealer asks Sam why he was running. Sam doesn't answer.  Sam is simply relieved to find no one is chasing him. The dealer suspects Sam is high on drugs, but Sam denies it.

Then, Sam's hallucination of Lucifer manifests and mockingly explains to the dealer (who cannot hear Lucifer) that Sam is struggling to sleep but can't because the devil won't leave him alone. Disturbed, Sam says he needs some rest. Lucifer mocks Sam who, at this point, has been awake for five consecutive days.

When Sam starts to walk away, the dealer calls to him again. He offers Sam a drug that will knock him out. Both Sam and the dealer take the drug and are later shown sleeping on the front seats of a car. Sam is jolted from sleep by something shattering the windshield. Sam rushes out of the vehicle only to realize that nothing has actually happened. Lucifer appears behind Sam and begins to sing a song. Sam walks away from the car, leaving the dealer behind.