The Dayton outpost is a satellite colony acting as an outpost for Mary Winchester and the Nephilim Jack's resistance located in the ruins of Dayton, Ohio.


The outpost is first mentioned when Charlie Bradbury tells Dean that the last she heard, Mary and Jack were setting up a satellite outpost for their resistance in Dayton.

After defeating Balthazar's Army, Jack brings the humans the resistance rescued back to the outpost, worrying Mary that they are running out of room. After learning from Jakob that Michael's fortress has been abandoned, Jack astral projects from the outpost to check if its true. Afterwards, Jack reassures the resistance fighters that he will protect them when insisting on going to check out the fortress.

After coming through the rift to Apocalypse World, Dean remembers Charlie telling him about the outpost and comes to the conclusion that it is the best place to start the search for Mary and Jack. Having landed in Northeastern Kentucky, Dean, Sam, Castiel and Gabriel begin walking towards the outpost, encountering two refugees, Maggie and Floyd, who had been headed towards the outpost also before being stopped by a tunnel full of bestial vampires. The group decides to fight through the tunnel to reach the outpost, resulting in Sam's death.

The group eventually reaches the outskirts of the outpost, but angel warding keeps Castiel and Gabriel out. Gabriel is able to burn away the wards, resulting in guards showing up to confront the group. Mary arrives to check out the situation and she and Jack are finally reunited with Dean and Castiel. As the group mourns Sam's death, a resurrected Sam unexpectedly arrives with Lucifer in tow. As everyone stares at Lucifer in shock, Lucifer greets Jack for the first time.

After the exodus was proposed, the outpost was abandoned.


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