Davy Perez
Yes of course, I was very familiar with Supernatural. It's such a big show on the landscape for awhile. I remember when it came out I watched some of that first season live and then over the years I tried to watch when I could. Specifically the area when I would come in to take a meeting I would sort of binge watch a lot. I did a lot of research. I went into the fan sites and tried to catch up on what was important for the fans and anything I might have missed. I was very targeted with making sure that any gaps that did happen were filled in very quickly.
— Davy Perez [1]

Davy Perez joined Supernatural in Season 12, as a writer and story editor. In Season 14, Perez also became a co-producer. He has previously written for the ABC series American Crime.

Besides for the one I wrote, the episodes I like tend to be the ones that Andrew Dabb wrote. It was kind of a very cool coincidence when I got to work here and meet him. One of my more recent favorites would have to be "Red Meat". I know that some people don't like it and some people love it. For me, I just like that they were taking a situation where we see the guys (not in the middle of a situation like usual) in a situation at the beginning. There's alot going on and unraveling that story from a new perspective. That's the kind of storytelling that I like to do with my own writing so that was one that I really enjoyed of the more recent episodes.
— Davy Perez



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