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David Roseman is a resident of Corinth, Illinois whose husband Thomas developed cancer twice, leading to them becoming worshippers of the god Paeon.


In 2012, after David's husband Thomas has trouble breathing, they have a battery of tests done which discovers that Thomas has developed Stage 3 lung cancer despite never smoking a cigarette a day in his life. At the suggestion of Doctor Lena Nguyen, Thomas undergoes surgery followed by aggressive chemotherapy. Despite how rough the treatment is on Thomas, he survives and David sticks by him through it all, with Thomas ultimately appearing to be cancer free.

Three years after he is first diagnosed, Thomas returns for a visit with Lena who discovers that his cancer has returned after two years without signs of a reoccurrence. Thomas's lung is discovered to have several tumors, all of which have grown so rapidly that he has little chance of survival. Though Lena tries to remain upbeat while suggesting immediate surgery followed by more chemo, neither Thomas nor David buy it and realize the true gravity of the situation. When Thomas begins asking how long he will have if he doesn't take treatment, David fights him on the idea, despite the low odds of success.

Before a decision can be made, the god Paeon arrives and recognizing Thomas's condition, offers to heal him in exchange for Thomas swearing allegiance to him. While Thomas is willing to do so, David is less sure, but Paeon psychically pushes both men to agree. Paeon is able to heal Thomas of his cancer and David swears allegiance to Paeon as well in exchange for a touch of Paeon's caduceus. Both Thomas and David leave, promising to spread the word of what Paeon has done.

Like all the rest of Paeon's followers, Thomas and David take part in the final battle at TechEdge. It is unknown if they survive.


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