This unnamed ghoul had a preference for the form of legendary gunslinger Dave Mather, naming himself after the gunslinger.

History[edit | edit source]

At an unknown point in time, he fed off the remains of legendary gunslinger Dave Mather. Growing attached to the form of Mather, he kept pieces of Mather with him so that he would always possess the ability to return to Dave's form. The ghoul also adopted the name of Dave as a result.

Dave eventually moved to Dodge City, Kansas where the real Dave Mather had once lived. While there, Dave fell in love with the local undertaker Athena Lopez who wanted to go to school to become a makeup artist. Dave established a residence in the town and was well known to be dating Athena. Dave robbed an unknown number of graves to feed while in town unnoticed, but drew attention when he pawned a watch he'd stolen from a grave to pay for Athena's Amanda Palmer concert tickets.

Dave's robbery drew the attention of the local police as well as the Nephilim Jack who believed Dave's victim to be a zombie. Jack brought the apparent zombie to the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester as well as the Seraphim Castiel who all agreed to investigate the case.

Dave was eventually caught up to by Deputy Carl Phillips who was assigned to investigate the grave robbery. Carl pulled over Dave's stolen truck and had the license plates run. As Carl waited for a response, Dave opened the passenger door of his truck, drawing Carl's attention. When Carl walked around the driver side of the truck, he found it empty. As Carl looked into Dave's truck and was spooked by the noises around him, Dave pulled the deputy under the truck, slit his throat and fed on him. Dave then fled the scene, abandoning his truck.

The next morning, after learning of Carl's murder, the Winchesters, Castiel and Jack investigated the two crime scenes with Sam and Jack meeting Athena. While investigating the grave Dave had robbed, Sam found a tunnel leading into the grave and some of the remains of Dave's victim. From the remains and the bite marks on it, Dave was identified as a ghoul. After Jack looked through traffic camera footage, he was able to find an image of Dave's stolen truck from before the murder with Dave driving it. Dean was able to identify the ghoul as having the form of Dave Mather and the hunters quickly realized that the ghoul had eaten the real Dave at some point and chosen his form. Jack was also able to identify Dave as Athena's boyfriend from a picture he'd spotted of the two at the mortuary.

Dave visited Athena at the mortuary where he gave her a letter from the makeup school she had decided to apply to. While happy for his girlfriend, Dave was worried about the costs associated with living in Los Angeles where the school was located. Dave was upset that Athena wanted to mess up the good thing they had going in town and had his attention drawn when Athena mentioned two FBI agents visiting about the grave robbery. Dave quickly realized that the men were really hunters from the strange questions they had asked.

Dave decided to rob the local bank to get himself and Athena the money they needed. Emerging outside, Dave was confronted by Dean who he realized was the hunter after him. Dave explained that Dave Mather was "my favorite suit" and he kept a piece of "old Dave" on him to gnaw on when needed. When Sam, Castiel and Jack emerged as well, Dave was amused by the fact that he was facing four hunters. Dave engaged in a gunfight with the Winchesters, taking a round to the shoulder from Sam but avoiding serious harm. As the fight continued, Jack attempted to intervene to stop Dave, leaving shocked when Jack was unharmed by his gunfire. However, when Jack flung Dave with telekinesis, he also blasted the security guard who had emerged to help, resulting in the guard's death. Dean chased Dave as the others attempted to help the guard, but Dave escaped.

After Dave had fled the robbery, his voice was recognized by the teller as belonging to Athena's boyfriend Dave. The fingerprints Dave left at the bank also matched those of Carl's murder, leading Carl's uncle Sergeant Joe Phillips to go after Dave for revenge. Joe discovered that Dave's house had been cleared out and headed to the mortuary as he believed that Dave wouldn't leave without Athena.

Following the gunfight, Dave returned to the mortuary with the bag full of stolen cash and told Athena of what he'd done for her so she could go to makeup school and he could come with her. While attempting to convince Athena to come with him, Dave revealed himself as the grave robber and Carl's killer, leaving Athena horrified by his actions. Dave became more violent with his girlfriend and insisted that they needed to leave, but Athena rejected him in horror of Dave's actions. Spotting a truck arriving outside, Dave tied Athena up to deal with the people coming after him.

Dave was stalked through the graveyard by Dean and Joe and evaded their detection. After the two split up, Dave entered the tunnels he'd dug under the graveyard and yanked Joe into one leading back to the mortuary. Dave was followed back to the mortuary through the tunnels by Dean who found Joe beaten and Athena tied up.

As Dean checked on Joe, Dave appeared behind him and held Dean at gunpoint, demanding that Dean surrender. Dave rejected Athena's pleas to leave Dean and Joe alone and claimed to be doing it for them but was informed by Athena that "there is no us." Dean taunted Dave about his breakup, leading to Dave threatening to kill Dean if he didn't shut up. Dave taunted Dean for coming in unarmed and laughed that it didn't matter because "you ain't fast enough." Dean agreed, but warned Dave that "he is" before moving out the way. Unnoticed by Dave, Dean had given Joe his shotgun before surrendering. Once Dean was out of the way, Joe blew Dave's head off with Dean's shotgun, killing him. "Happy trails, cowboy," Dean taunted Dave's corpse.

Following Dave's death, Dean told Joe that the story would be that a guy named Dave killed Carl and tried to kill Joe before being shot dead by Joe. Joe agreed to the story as well as to keeping Dean out of the situation. Dean also pinned the security guard's death on Dave.

Months later, Jack flashes back on his encounter with Dave and accidentally killing the security guard after meeting Lucifer for the first time. Days later, he flashes back on their encounter again while berating himself for everyone he has ever hurt.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dave possessed all the regular abilities of a ghoul.

  • Shapeshifting - Ghouls have the power to transform into any human, though they can only transform into humans they've fed off of, regardless of whether they are still living or dead. In Dave's case, he kept around parts of the human Dave Mather so he could keep returning to his form.
  • Super Speed - He was able to move around a graveyard faster than Dean Winchester or Joe Phillips could track.
  • Super Strength - As a ghoul, he was stronger than regular humans. With just one hand, he was able to yank the much larger Joe Phillips underground.
  • Limited Invulnerability - As a ghoul, he was invulnerable to most forms of harm. Being shot barely affected him and he was able to keep functioning with only slight apparent pain.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Dave possessed all the weaknesses of a ghoul.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dave is one of the very few characters that has been decapitated through a shotgun blast rather than a machete or other similar weapon.
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