Daryn Boston was a victim of Moloch.


Daryn is a resident of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, and is employed under Pete Garfinkle at the local meat packing plant. One night, Daryn is out camping with his friends, one of them being Jarrod Hayes. After Jarrod has gone into the woods, he calls Daryn for help and Daryn witnesses Black Bill, a local legend, knock Jarrod out with a mallet. Daryn runs away immediately.

He is left rather disturbed by what he saw and is found, by Sam and Dean, smoking at a wooden bench. They approach Daryn under the guise of FBI agents who wish to talk about Jarrod's disappearance. Having lost his previous cigarette when they approached him, Dean offers a replacement.

Daryn begins explaining what he witnessed to the brothers. Upon his return to work, Pete complains about him being late again and tells him to do better than that. By night, as Daryn is returning home, Daryn is ambushed by Black Bill as well and dragged back to the meat packing plant to be fed to the deity Moloch, for it wants his blood and the man behind Black Bill, Pete himself, is angry that Daryn spoke to the authorities. Daryn's death was avenged by Sam who killed the deity and Pete.


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