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Sam Winchester is struck by a dart spell.

Hey, big guy, they're both gonna die unless we get whoever cast the spell.
Dean to the Golem.
in Everybody Hates Hitler

The dart spell is a potent toxic spell employed by Thules to disable and kill their enemies. The spell is delivered through the means of a dart. The darts are magical in nature and cause severe debilitating weakness to a fully grown man in mere seconds. Victims of this spell begin to suffer severe pallor and may demonstrate shallow breathing and/or massive bruises that grow significantly in a short amount of time. The only way to break the spell is to kill the caster.

The bruising and pallor caused by the spell.

Torvald, an accomplished magic practitioner, used this against Sam Winchester and Aaron Bass. Both suffered from the spell and were close to death before the Golem could end the spell by snapping Torvald's neck.

This spell had no effect on a golem.

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