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Darrell Carson was a ghoul in McCormick, Missouri who, along with his family, created a "crop" of humans to eat.


In December of 2014, Darrell was living on a farm in McCormick, Illinois with his family. Unlike most ghouls, they believed that their "meat" tastes better when it dies a natural death. To this end, they kidnapped six humans from a thirty-mile radius and buried them alive in their farm's cornfield to create a "crop" on which to feast with the plan to eat the humans once they had all frozen to death.

Eventually, the family's activities were discovered when Darrell's son Phillip stole organs from the bodies at the funeral home in which he worked and murdered another worker there. The kidnappings drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who realized that they were dealing with a nest of ghouls from Phillip's robberies. The hunters were able to connect the funeral home robberies and the murders to Darrell's family.

After the hunters discovered the Carson family "crop," they were found and ambushed by the family themselves with Darrell armed with a double-barrel shotgun, Lori a pistol, Kate a hand scythe and Phillip a hunting knife Darrell immediately recognized the Winchesters as being hunters and had his wife and son disarm the men of their machetes as he and Lori kept them covered with their guns. The ghouls took great pleasure in explaining what their "crop" to the hunters with Darrell deciding to simply shoot them rather than plant them with the others.

Before Darrell could fire, the Winchesters sprang in opposite directions and as Dean hit the ground, he shot Darrell in the chest and Lori in the arm. Darrell staggered back a bit, but was otherwise unharmed by the bullet while Lori was disarmed. Before Kate and Phillip could retaliate, Sam threatened to kill one of the ghouls three living prisoners which would spoil their "meat," causing the ghouls to freeze in uncertainty. While the ghouls were distracted, Dean dove between Kate and Phillip to retrieve the Winchester's machetes. The ghouls reacted too late to Dean's actions and Dean decapitated them before they could turn more than halfway around.

Following the death of the Carson family, the Winchesters called 911 to deal with the three surviving victims who were in bad shape. Before the authorities arrived, they buried the bodies of the ghouls in the field.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Darrell possessed all the powers of a regular ghoul.

  • Shapeshifting - Ghouls have the power to transform into any human, though they can only transform into humans they've fed off of, regardless of whether they are still living or dead.
  • Super Speed - As a ghoul, he was faster than regular humans. The Carsons were able to move so fast through a field that they kicked up a huge amount of wind before them.
  • Super Strength - As a ghoul, he was stronger than regular humans.
  • Limited Invulnerability - As a ghoul, he was invulnerable to most forms of harm. A bullet to the chest staggered him briefly, but otherwise caused Darrell no real harm.


Darrell possessed all the typical weaknesses of a ghoul.

  • Decapitation - As a ghoul, Darrell could only be killed by decapitation.


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