Darla was an employee at a saloon.


Darla worked at a saloon during the nineteenth century. Her boss, Mr. Elkins, seemed pleased with her, calling her "my best girl". When Sam and Dean Winchester came to visit in search of Samuel Colt, Darla approached Dean and offered him a kiss.

Dean felt uneasy, based on Darla's eruptions at the corner of her mouth, he was saved by Judge Mortimer loudly calling Darla to remind her that they had a date. The two ended up in Darla's room at the saloon but to Darla's horror, she saw Elias Finch suddenly appear, who then proceeded to incinerate the Judge, leaving behind nothing but a smoldering skeleton. Darla's screams alerted Sam and Dean and soon after the Sheriff.

Later on, Darla insisted to the Sheriff that what she saw was the ghost of Elias Finch. She pointed to footprints on the floor left by Finch after he walked out of the room. The Sheriff wasn't convinced that it was a ghost, but he was determined to put a bullet in Finch's head, and offered Sam and Dean to come along with him.



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