Kaia Nieves is the hooded figure who used to reside in The Bad Place, she abducted the Winchesters and tried to feed them to a giant but was thwarted by Claire Novak and her counterpart before finding her way to Earth after Kaia's death. In her time on Earth, she was met by the archangel Michael who sought her spear and her allegiance but she refused and they fought, in which Kaia had to escape after she was easily overpowered and almost killed, although she managed to cut him in the arm first. Kaia was found by the Winchesters and Jody Mills who captured her, she was interrogated and only gave small answers on why Michael and his monsters were after her. She was then released by Dean Winchester and saved her captors from the attacking monsters and went off on her own again.



While living in the Bad Place, the alternate Kaia somehow made friends with the Giant and fed the creature. Due to being a dreamwalker, she was connected to the Main Universe Kaia and shared visions with Kaia for her whole life.

Season 13


Alternate Kaia stalks Sam and Dean

In The Bad Place, as the Main Universe version of Kaia attempted to open a rift to Apocalypse World with Jack, she suddenly flashed back to the Bad Place where the alternate Kaia dashed across her field of vision. In the moments before Kaia and Jack opened the rift, the alternate Kaia appeared right in front of Kaia's dreamwalking vision causing her to scream. As a result, the Winchesters were sent to the Bad Place and Jack to Apocalypse World instead of a rift opening up to Apocalypse World.

In Wayward Sisters, a few days after the arrival of the Winchesters in the Bad Place, the alternate Kaia stalked them. She eventually attacked the two men and knocked them unconscious before tying them to trees. Though Dean tried to get her attention, the alternate Kaia didn't say a word and instead summoned the Giant before leaving. Shortly afterwards, the Winchesters were rescued by Claire Novak and their version of Kaia. As they approached the rift back to their world, the alternate Kaia threw her spear at Claire, but Kaia sacrificed herself to save Claire. As the Winchesters, Claire and the alternate Kaia entered a standoff, the Giant approached, forcing the Winchesters and Claire back through the rift which closed behind them.

That night, the alternate Kaia somehow managed to open another rift to the Main Universe and emerged in Sioux Falls where she removed her hood.

Season 14

In The Scar, after Dean returns with no memory of his possession by Michael, Castiel accesses his memories to find out why Michael left Dean and what left a strange scar on Dean's left arm. This triggers a memory of Michael being stabbed in the arm by Kaia with her spear. Dean remembers Kaia from the Bad Place and realizes that her spear must be able to harm Michael and could be the key to defeating him. The Winchesters contact Jody Mills who has been investigating three murders she thought were done by a human serial killer but realizes were done by Kaia when they describe her weapon.

The Winchesters and Jody search the woods near Sioux Falls for Kaia, finding three decapitated vampire heads, confusing them as Alex had determined that the murder victims didn't react to any of the usual monster tests. They eventually realize that the vampires are some of Michael's enhanced monsters that he sent to kill Kaia and get her spear after she injured him. The three find Kaia's camp where Dean is attacked by Kaia. In the struggle, Kaia's hood falls off, revealing her face to the shocked hunters before she escapes.

Kaia manages to find an abandoned cabin, but is ambushed outside and is knocked out by Dean. Talking to a tied up Kaia, the Winchesters and Jody realize that she is the alternate reality counterpart of their Kaia and she admits that Kaia's death was an accident as she was aiming for "the blonde one." Kaia refuses to explain to Sam on how she opened up a rift between the worlds or where her spear is but mentions how Dean had once threatened the Main Universe Kaia with a gun to get her to comply. Sam realizes that she is also a dreamwalker and she confirms it by stating she has been sharing visions with the other Kaia their entire lives. When Kaia refuses to give up the location of her spear, Dean threatens to torture her to get it, leading Kaia to taunt him that Dean is no better than Michael. Dean remembers that Michael approached Kaia to form an alliance, but she refused and attacked him instead. Although she was obviously outclassed by the Archangel, Kaia managed to use Michael's arrogant mistake of not immediately dispatching her to trip him, regain her spear and wound him before escaping.

The interrogation is cut short by the arrival of four of Michael's enhanced vampires who demand Kaia and the spear. The hunters prove to be no match for the vampires, but Dean manages to shoot out the leg on Kaia's chair, freeing her in the hopes that she will help them. Instead, Kaia flees out a window but unexpectedly returns with her spear to kill the four vampires and save Sam, Dean and Jody. Sam points out that Kaia saved them when she didn't have to, but she claims that by killing the vampires she was only helping herself. Though the Winchesters warn her that if she keeps her spear, she will be a target for Michael's monsters, she departs saying that she has been running from monsters successfully all of her life.

In the aftermath, Jody is left to deal with how to explain to Claire that their Kaia's killer is in their world and got away since Claire wants revenge upon her. Jody is also left emotionally distraught with the reminder of the loss of the Main Universe Kaia and the pressures she faces raising three hunters.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dream Walking - Like the Main Universe Kaia, she was also a dreamwalker and shared visions of the Main Universe Kaia's life throughout both of their lives.
  • Portal Creation - By unknown means, she was able to open a rift to access the Main Universe.
  • Master Martial Artist - This version of Kaia displayed a proficiency in martial arts. She also displayed a high proficiency in spear-fighting. These combined skills were able to knock the seasoned Hunters Sam and Dean out easily. She was even able to escape from the Archangel Michael and wounded him albeit while armed with a spear capable of hurting him and it should be noted that she herself admitted that she would have lost had she not escaped and her blows were easily countered by Michael and she was swiftly knocked down and beaten enough to be left with some bruises and only managed to injure him when he believed she had been beaten to the ground and aimed for the spear and was off-guard. She even killed three of Michael's enhanced vampires on her own.


This version of Kaia appeared to be quite different from the main universe Kaia. Unlike her main universe counterpart, she appeared to be somewhat amoral and ruthless, as she showed no hesitation in kidnapping Sam and Dean and attempting to feed them to a giant. She is somewhat condescending as she seen when she insulted Dean about being weak after he was released from his possession and pointing out his flaws in personality of being similar to Michael, though stopped after he threatened to torture her. This also implies that while ruthless, she does not like torture. She showed to dislike Dean and had a disgusted view towards him for his angry and impulsive tendancies, such as when he held a gun at the main Kaia's face when she refused to help them. However, she did not seem to have such a view on Sam. Despite being antagonistic with them, she did not seem to consider them as genuine enemies, as she did not hesitate to save the Winchesters and Jody from Michael's vampires and parted with them on neutral terms, though she claimed that she only killed their attackers to help herself, implying she saw her help as being exchanged for them not coming after her again.

Also, her ability to somehow make friends with the giant suggests that she, unlike the main version of Kaia, did not fear the Bad Place, which is further hinted by the fact that she had managed to live in the Bad Place seemingly without any trouble while her counterpart desperately took steps to avoid it. She showed no hesitation in attacking Alternate Michael but knew for a fact that he was deadly and could and would have killed her had she not fled and ever since their encounter she has been running from him and his monsters, showing a survival instinct.

The main version of Kaia also proved herself to be very fearful of her (likely meaning that they had some form of bad history in the Bad Place), to the point that she frantically screamed multiple times when the two came face to face in the main reality Kaia's dream walking vision. This Kaia did not show any care for her counterpart. However, she does not seem to be as uncaring as her main version thought her to be, as she even showed regret in killing her as seen when she called her death an accident. She even seemed to sympathize with her after bringing up Dean threatening her to help find his mother. Oddly enough, she seems to hate Claire Novak, unlike Kaia who had feelings for her instead, as she aimed her spear at Claire, accidentally killing her counterpart.



  • She is the first known alternate version of another recurring character in The Bad Place.
  • She is the third known Dreamwalker in the series.
  • She is the only human seen in The Bad Place.
  • She is the first character to kill an alternate version of herself.
  • Unlike her counterpart, she seems to hate Claire Novak for unknown reasons.
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