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Darcy hinds

Darcy Hinds is an actor and stunt performer.

He has played five different characters on five different seasons in Supernatural. He played Tyler Campbell in the Season 6 episode "Family Matters". He played a Nebraska Factory Guard in the Season 8 episode "Torn and Frayed". He played a Styne Mansion Guard in the Season 10 episode "The Prisoner". He played a member of Ketch's Assault Team in the Season 12 episode in "There's Something About Mary". He played one of the Bar Attackers in the Season 13 episode "War of the Worlds".

Trivia Edit

  • Every single one of his characters was killed.
  • Darcy Hinds' role in season 6 was the only role he is credited with. All of his other appearances were uncredited but he was credited in the stunts section of IMDb.
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