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Dar is one of Crowley's trusted demons.


Season 10[]

Hoping to find his brother, Sam Winchester finds Lester Morris in a bar and persuades him to sell his soul in exchange for killing his wife. He offers to show Lester how he can get his revenge by having him summon a Crossroads Demon. Later, Sam hides behind the bushes when Dar appears, but isn't able to get her in time to stop Lester from making a deal.[1]

A captured Dar is strung up on tree and taunting Sam about the acts he has committed. Sam threatens to torture Dar some more with a knife, unless she gives him information on the whereabouts of Crowley. In an act of defiance Dar tells Sam, "eat me" after which Sam stabs her in the gut and twists the knife, demanding to know where Crowley and Dean are. When Dar say she doesn't know, Sam slices her neck and collects the blood in a plastic cup, and demands she make a call to Crowley, as she begs Sam to stop he becomes more agitated and demands to know where his brother is.[2]

Her fate after the torture is unknown, but it is assumed that Sam could have killed her so that she would not inform Crowley.