Danielle was a fan of Paris Hilton.


Danielle and her two friends were approached by their idol, Paris Hilton, and Danielle was subsequently abducted by the latter. Her two friends were left horrified and immediately reported to the police. Sheriff Rick Carnegie was baffled by the news and finally had to admit he did not know what was going on.

Disguised as FBI agents, Sam and Dean were able to speak to the girls and hear their testimony. Although their words baffled Sam and Dean, the brothers were soon able to discover that a Leshi had taken on Hilton's form and was abducting fans as blood sacrifices.

While searching for the Leshi, Sam and Dean found Danielle tied to a tree, unconscious. The Leshi appeared soon after and attacked the brothers, but both were able to defeat the Leshi and rescue Danielle.

Following the incident, Danielle swore herself off The Simple Life, according to the Sheriff.


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