Daniela is a witch that asked Sam and Dean for help after she successfully got away from Arthur Ketch's torture.


As Sam and Dean were investigating a killing spree of witches, they were approached by Daniela outside of a police department. She reveals to them she is a witch and says that she knows they don't like witches, but she needs help and they assist people in need.

She takes them to a hidden cabin in the woods where witches use as a safe house. Daniela reveals that she was a victim of the witch killer they are looking for, revealing to them the scars he inflicted on her before she was able to escape after stunning him. She says that the killer wanted to know the location of Rowena MacLeod, but as everybody knows she is dead. Dean asks if the man had a British accent, as she says yes and asks if they know him before Sam shows her a photo of Arthur Ketch, who she confirms was her torturer.

Later, the Winchesters use her as a bait to successfully lure Arthur and capture him. Sam helped Daniela up after she was nearly attacked by Ketch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic - As a witch, she is able to use witchcraft to accomplish supernatural feats.
    • Spellcasting - Through touch, she was able to cast a spell to temporarily disable Arthur Ketch.



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