Daniel Loflin
..All politics aside [laughs], I love working on the show because we get to cover a wide range of emotions with this show. We can do super-broad comedies or hardcore drama. I do love all the monsters and the wide array of creatures that we can do just keeps things interesting.
— Daniel Loflin

Daniel Loflin (b. 1973) was a writer who joined Supernatural in Season 4, alongside his writer partner Andrew Dabb. In Season 7, Loflin became a co-producer and later supervising producer in Season 8. Dabb and Loflin also began writing episodes separately, with their writing partnership ending by Season 9 when Loflin left the show.

I like not having a specialty. I like being able to tackle a comedy episode, a drama episode, or to be able to float between those worlds because it gives me more experience as a writer. So I don't think we're really specialized in any way.
— Daniel Loflin


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