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Daniel was one of the thousands of angels who fell from Heaven due to Metatron's spell.

Season 10[]

After the fall, Daniel decided he did not want to return to Heaven and chose instead to admire the wisdom and beauty he could learn from humans, such as their ability to be individuals and make their own choices, something he laments was never taught in Heaven.

When another angel came to force him, along with Adina, to go back home, Daniel killed the angel and fled. This led Hannah to recruit Castiel so they could collect Daniel and Adina themselves.

Castiel found Daniel fishing and they briefly talked about fishes. It was Hannah who showed hostility and distrust, pointing out that Daniel's decision cost the life of one of their own. When Castiel insisted they wait for Adina, the three ended up around a campfire at night. Adina eventually showed up, but she and Hannah became hostile to one another despite Daniel and Castiel's efforts to simply talk it out.

Eventually, Hannah agreed to let the two angels be free but only in death, and charged at them. In self-defense, Daniel wounded Hannah but was killed by Castiel in retaliation. Adina ran away, with a plan to avenge him.

While torturing Hannah, Adina brought up Daniel's fate as the latter felt guilt on her act. Adina would of killed Hannah had Crowley not step in and kill her.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although his power and abilities is unknown, he possessed standard powers and abilities of angel.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels , Daniel requires a vessel to walk on Earth and needs their consent in order to do so
  • Immortality - As an Angel, Daniel did not age and couldn't be killed by diseases or Earthly weapons.
  • Supernatural Perception - Being an angel , Daniel could see two angels Castiel and Hannah though their vessels
  • Spell Casting - His only known abilities is making Enochian warding and protection spell to keep him and Adina safe.




  • The actor who portrayed Daniel also portrayed the pizza delivery man in Season 4's Monster Movie.
  • In current Hebrew and in Jewish sources throughout the years, his name means "God judges me".
  • Another angel named "Daniel" appeared briefly in the episode The Bad Seed.