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Dalton Rourke was a human-oni hybrid that appeared in Supernatural: Rite of Passage.


Dalton's mother, who his grandparents called "a tramp", had sex with the oni Tora and conceived Dalton. Dalton's mother died in childbirth and Dalton was left to be raised by his grandparents who severely mistreated him, only caring if his behavior made them look bad in the eyes of the neighbors or school administration. Dalton's grandparents always searched for a way to get rid of him without making themselves look bad, grounding him at every turn and attempting to provoke Dalton so they could have him arrested and sent to juvenile hall and out of their way. Dalton's one real friend was Jimmy Ferrato with whom he bullied kids and smoked weed. Dalton had a reputation as a troublemaker in school and was "suspended more times than a busload of bungee jumpers."

During a school evacuation due to a bomb threat called in by Jesse Trumball, Dalton accosts Jennifer Martin, sniffing her hair and drawing the ire of her boyfriend Tyler Shackleford, a linebacker from the football team. Enraged by Dalton's actions, Tyler repeatedly shoves Dalton until Dalton knocks him to the ground and goes to punch Tyler before being stopped by two teachers. Despite Dalton falsely trying to claim he was just defending himself, backed up by Jimmy, both he and Tyler are ordered to the vice principal's office. However, when everyone is distracted by returning to the school, Dalton bolts with Jimmy.

After escaping the school, Dalton and Jimmy sit on a basketball court at an abandoned elementary school and chain-smoke around a dozen cigarettes between them. Dalton quickly realizes that his escape from school was poorly thought out since he left his books and backpack behind and he is only delaying the inevitable verbal beat down from his grandparents by not going home. Questioned by Jimmy, Dalton admits to smelling Jennifer's hair, saying that the smells her conditioner and perfume were putting off made him hungry. As Dalton prepares to go home, he experiences a dry throat and a sudden intense headache.

Returning home, Dalton pretends to have just gotten home from school and asks for dinner. His grandparents tell him to just heat something up, having once again eaten dinner early to avoid eating with Dalton who imagines boiling his grandmother's head in the microwave. Dalton's grandparents confront him about his actions at school, telling Dalton that he is suspended for a week and the school is considering expelling him. Dalton could care less and his grandfather tells him that he's grounded and orders him to his room without dinner. Though Dalton considers attacking his grandfather, he sees his grandmother waiting to use the chance to have him arrested and holds himself back so he won't give them the satisfaction. Stomping up to his room, Dalton sneaks out the window to meet up with Jimmy and rob some Summerdale kids for walking around money and to let out some of his aggression.

That night, Dalton dreams of attacking the Summerdale kids again, this time with them getting up each time he takes them down, enabling him to beat them up even more. While Dalton enjoys it immensely at first, the four kids suddenly grow roots and spikes out of their bodies, particularly from the spots that Dalton injured them, freaking him out. When Dalton questions what they are, they tell him that they are what he made them and he calls them not human. The kids laugh, telling Dalton "look who's talking" and begin growing more vines and protrusions, splashing Dalton with their blood. As Dalton tries to blink the blood away, his vision gets worse and worse until it descends into darkness and he awakens from his nightmare. When Dalton wakes up, he's soaked in his own sweat like he just ran a four-minute mile and has a massive headache. Dalton also discovers that his lips are cut up and swollen from biting them while in the throes of his nightmare. Afraid for a moment that the blood on his is that of his dream victims contaminating him, Dalton throws up in his trashcan before punching a hole through the wall in rage.

After punching a hole in the wall, Dalton cleans up only to discover that his nails have become black, coarse and sharp and he can't get rid of it. Dalton begins to worry that he is infected with one of the diseases the news has been talking about going around town and discovers that the two bumps in his head feel dry and scaly now. He also finds a slit in his scalp, but no sign of any blood and under the slit, something hard pushing upwards. Heading to the bathroom to investigate, Dalton overhears his grandparents arguing about what to do with him while they go to see Fidler on the Roof and how they have less than a year left until he turns eighteen and they can kick him out without ruining their reputation. In the bathroom, Dalton discovers that his hair has seemingly grown a half-inch in length in 24 hours and that something bone white is embedded under the skin of his head, but doesn't move when he tries to push on it. Dalton then tries to pry the object out with a pair of scissors, but fails and his hand slips and he cuts his scalp open. With his already excruciating pain only increasing as Dalton treats his head injury, he slams his head into the bathroom mirror, smashing it.

As Dalton tries to recover from the pain he is in, his grandfather comes upstairs looking for him. Dalton pokes his head out of the bathroom and claims he slipped and cut his scalp while cutting his hair. Dalton is only annoyed and amused at his grandfather telling Dalton he would have to pay for the towel out of his non-existent allowance and his grandfather informs Dalton that he and Dalton's grandmother will be going to the play. Dalton's grandfather tells him off for his disrespect and then states that Dalton is still grounded and will stay home and can't have Jimmy over. Dalton's grandfather claims that if Dalton steps out of bounds, his also non-existent privileges will be revoked. As an annoyed Dalton tries to get rid of his grandfather, his grandfather is enraged and tells him that they had let Dalton's mother run around wild and she ended up a whore who got knocked up and died giving birth to a freak bastard. Enraged, Dalton grabs his grandfather by the throat and threatens to rip his head off, but notices his grandmother waiting with a phone to call the police on him if he harms his grandfather at all. Dalton considers killing them both, but then realizes that his grandparents are deliberately provoking him so that they can have him arrested and get rid of him early without ruining their reputation. Dalton also realizes that his grandparents have been deliberately provoking him for a long time to try to get him to lash out for the same reason. Reluctantly, Dalton lets his grandfather go, but becomes determined to unleash violence upon them on his own terms when he's ready.

Later, as his grandparents started getting dressed to go to the play, Dalton slips out of his bedroom window and goes to a grassy incline near the train tracks to meet up with Jimmy. Dalton tells Jimmy about the incident with his grandparents and how he had wanted to kill his grandfather. Dalton explains how he could picture the way his grandfather would die when he tossed the man down the stairs before he saw his grandmother and realized she was daring him to do it so that she could have him arrested and get rid of Dalton. Dalton tells Jimmy that if he'd killed both of them, he'd be free as there would be no one to turn him in and he could just hop a train and finally leave town for a new life. Jimmy doesn't take Dalton seriously and laughs at the idea, stating that he's seen Dalton beat people up but doesn't think he could've killed his grandparents. Jimmy laughing at the idea angers Dalton who demands to know if his friend thinks that he's funny. Jimmy tells Dalton that its just a joke and reality check and Dalton is enraged. Dalton attacks Jimmy, telling him that his life is not a joke. Hearing a high-speed train approaching, Dalton drags Jimmy down the slope and throws him onto the tracks, Moments later, a train hits Jimmy, killing him. Moments after Jimmy's murder, Dalton hears a voice inside his head calling him to come to it and he suddenly knows that there is a place for him.

Following the voice inside of him, Dalton arrives at the abandoned Hawthorne's Department Store where he finds Ryan Bramble walking up and Jesse Trumball drives up in a red Dodge Durango. As the three stand next to each other, Ryan realizes that he, Dalton and Jesse are brothers. At that moment, their father, the oni Tora arrives and confirms Ryan's statement. Tora tells them that they are oni and the time has come for them to rise above their humanity, noting that the process has already begun and they have noticed their physical changes, but must voluntarily complete the final rite of passage to become true oni. Dalton questions what will happen if they don't want to become oni and is informed that they will have no choice as they will die stillborn instead, half-human, half-oni and will suffer an agonizing death. Tora offers them power that will allow them to rise above "human sheep" and achieve their destinies. When Ryan questions Tora if they will become as powerful as Tora is, Tora confirms it and tells Dalton, Jesse and Ryan to follow him to meet the woman who will become their mother. Tora announces that the next day they will be a family but that tonight, Dalton, Jesse and Ryan will become oni. The three follow Tora into the store with Dalton and Jesse excited about the idea of becoming oni while Ryan is repulsed and only wants the power to be able to kill Tora in revenge for raping his mother.

Inside the store, after stopping Ryan from freeing Kim Jacobs, Tora lines up Dalton, Jesse and Ryan and explains that with a taste of his blood, Tora will imbue the three strength beyond that of humankind and that after they have tasted his blood, they will go to a human gathering and proclaim their dominance with a slaughter. Tora tells the three that they will have weapons to aid them, but must complete at least one kill with an oni trait they now possess, either their hardened fingernails or nascent fangs and once their skin runs red with the blood of their victims, their bodies will begin the final stage of transformation and they will be full oni with the dawn. When Ryan questions what will happen if they fail to complete the transformation, Tora tells his sons that they will die painfully as their bodies reject their dual nature but is sure that with his guidance, they won't fail. Proclaiming that a taste of his blood will give them some of his strength and invulnerability until they are full oni and can generate it themselves, Tora performs a spell and then gives, in order, Jesse, Dalton and Ryan some of his blood. The oni blood grants Dalton and the others superhuman strength and invulnerability and they leave in Jesse's stolen SUV to perform the needed slaughter. Along the way, Dalton admires Jesse's stolen car and suggests that they go to the Cheshire Theater which Jesse recognizes and agrees with. Tora gives the three each a long curved knife to use, but reminds them that they must kill at least one person with their fangs or claws.

Arriving at the Cheshire Theater, Tora slaughters the workers in the lobby and orders the three to block the exits and allow no one to leave. With demented glee, Dalton tells his brothers and father that he is all over the balcony and followed Jesse in through the right set of doors while Ryan and Tora used the left. Dalton then lurks on the balcony until Jesse starts the massacre by murdering the people on stage at which point, Dalton starts attacking the people on the balcony, killing them and dropping their corpses to the floor below which scares the people heading for the right door long enough for Jesse to finish with the people on stage and start killing those in the theater itself. As Jesse, Ryan and Tora slaughter the people on the ground floor of the theater and battle some police officers that arrive, Dalton focuses on brutally slaughtering the people on the balcony. Finally, after killing everyone else on the balcony, Dalton disembowels his grandfather and throws his corpse from the balcony while laughing the whole time.

Dalton's murder of his grandfather draws the attention of hunters Dean Winchester and Roy Dempsey who have arrived with Dean's brother Sam, fellow hunter Bobby Singer and several police officers carrying holly which shields them from the oni's ability to directly influence human behavior with his powers. As Dean and Roy arrive on the balcony, Dalton screams at his grandmother while holding his knife to her abdomen, his claws to her throat and his sharp-toothed mouth close to her throat. By this point, Dalton has committed enough murder that his horns have erupted from his head more than an inch and his third eye is on the verge of forming. Dalton's grandmother tells the two hunters about Dalton murdering his grandfather and laughing about it, causing Dalton to yell at her to shut up and draw blood from her neck with his claws. Rather than trying to kill Dalton, Roy attempts to convince him that Dalton doesn't want to kill his grandmother, but Dalton is undeterred due to how she has treated him his entire life. Roy attempts to use his own experiences as a father to change Dalton's mind, but as a series of car crashes erupt outside, Dalton stops listening and slices his grandmother's throat open with his claws and flings her body off of the balcony. With his grandmother dead, Dalton attacks Roy who tries too late to raise his gun against him. Though Dean is able to shoot Dalton twice, his invulnerability results in the bullets causing him only slight pain and they don't harm him at all beyond that. Reaching Roy, Dalton stabs Roy in the chest with his knife, mortally wounding him. Dalton then boasts to Dean that bullets can't hurt him and he doesn't even need a knife to kill Dean as his third eye finally forms and opens. Confident in his invulnerability, Dalton lunges at Dean with his claws, making Dean instinctively shoot Dalton in his third eye, killing him.

Dalton's death exposes the oni's weakness and Dean yells to the others to target the oni's third eye as its a weak spot. The severing of the blood bond between Dalton and Tora with Dalton's death staggers Tora who realizes that he has waited too long to signal a retreat. As the cops and hunters target Tora, Ryan and Jesse's third eyes, Tora orders a retreat and the surviving three oni flee. However, Dean being able to kill Dalton by shooting him in his third eye exposes the oni's weakness and enables the hunters to come up with a plan to successfully bring down the other oni. The next day, when discussing Roy's death, Dean tells the others that Roy had attempted to get Dalton to see things from his grandmother's perspective and it was what set Dalton off on him. Sam states his belief that by the time of his death, Dalton was too far gone to be saved and may have even been doomed from the start.

Physical Appearance

Like his half-brothers, Dalton was around six foot five with a wide build and was described as being at least the equal in size and build to a high school linebacker. Dalton had red hair which he kept buzz cut. He also wore thrift store clothing. As his transformation into an oni began, Dalton began growing horns and claws and a third eye formed in the middle of his forehead.

Personality and Traits

Dalton was a troublemaker and juvenile delinquent who had few friends, prominent among which was Jimmy Ferrato with whom Dalton often smoked weed. Dalton's attitude in school had him "suspended more times than a busload of bungee jumpers" and he hated his grandparents who severely mistreated him growing up. Dalton also had a belief that life was meaningless and nothing mattered, meaning that you could do whatever you wanted.

Like Jesse, Dalton embraced his nature as an oni and enjoyed the slaughter of hundreds of people. By the time Dalton was confronted by Dean Winchester and Roy Dempsey, Dalton was too far gone down the path to evil to be talked down and had no remorse or hesitation in his actions.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his oni heritage and ingesting Tora's blood, Dalton developed a few powerful abilities:

  • Super Senses - After his transformation into an oni was triggered, Dalton's senses were heightened to the point that he was able to pick out all the smells in a girl's conditioner and perfume.
  • Talon-like claws - As his transformation into an oni continued, Dalton's fingernails turned into deadly talon-like claws easily capable of ripping a person's throat open and disemboweling them.
  • Super Strength - After his transformation into an oni began and especially after he drank Tora's blood, Dalton gained strength far beyond that of a normal human, enabling him to effortlessly slaughter hundreds of people.
  • Invulnerability - Dalton was granted some of Tora's invulnerability through his blood. As a result, Dalton possessed a slightly lesser version of a full oni's invulnerability to harm. In Dalton's case, bullets caused him pain but couldn't seriously harm him rather than being completely unharmed as Tora was.


  • Mortality - Before his transformation began, Dalton was mortal and vulnerable to all methods of injury.
  • Third Eye - After his transformation into an oni began, Dalton's third eye was his only weakness.


Killed By

Confident in his invulnerability, Dalton lunged at Dean with his claws, intending to kill Dean. However, as he did so, his third eye finally opened. As Dalton lunged at him, Dean instinctively shot Dalton in his third eye, killing him.



  • Dalton is the first known oni to be killed and his death revealed the oni's one weakness. Before, oni were believed to be invincible with even the lore noting this belief.
  • Dalton's third eye, his one weakness, opened only moments before his death. This caused Dean to instinctively target his third eye when Dalton charged him, allowing Dean to kill Dalton and reveal the oni's weakness. If Dalton's third eye hadn't formed when it did, he likely would've killed Dean and continued on with his rampage.