This unnamed Shōjō was enslaved by Dale Lampert as part of his plan to get revenge against his business partners.

Overview Edit

Dale Lampert sought revenge against his business partners Jim McAnn and Randy Baxter for selling their company MidWestern Brewery Company, makers of Thighslapper Premium Ale, to a large distributor against his wishes. This left him devastated. Dale somehow managed to enslave a Shōjō and planned to use it for his revenge. Having acquired a Shōjō trapped in a sake bottle inside a spell box inscribed with "what you took, will be taken from you" from his travels, he sends it to them, before leaving. He then kills himself.

The Shōjō attacks and kills first Trevor McAnn, his brother Ray, and then Lillian. These murders drew the attention of hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV. He later sought assistance from hunters Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester.

The brothers found the sake the Shōjō was trapped in. They learned from security footage of the night of Trevor's murder that it was released when he drank from the bottle. After finding the spell box that the sake was delivered in, a local Japanese man translates the writing on the box, and tells them it says it contained a Shōjō. Upon studying the lore, they find that the Shōjō can be killed by a blessed katana.

The Shōjō attacks Randy Baxter's son Lee at the brewery. It knocks out Garth and Sam as they try and protect Lee, but Dean, despite not being able to see it and with a little help from Sam and the ghost of Bobby Singer, dispatches it with a katana.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being a Japanese ghost-like creature, this Shōjō possessed similar abilities to ghosts.

  • Invisibility - Shōjō are invisible unless the viewer is intoxicated though they can be captured on film. If the viewer is intoxicated, they can be seen both in person and on film.
  • Telekinesis - Shōjō are able to move objects without touching it. While hunting Lee, the Shōjō shut a door from across the room in order to prevent Lee and Sam Winchester from escaping.
  • Super Strength - The Shōjō was able to lift, throw quite a distance and impale humans with ease.
  • Teleportation - The Shōjō was able to move from place to place instantly.
  • Claws - The Shōjō had razor sharp claws, which it used to kill.
  • Invulnerability - The Shōjō could only be killed by a katana that had a Shinto Blessing performed over it.


  • Katana with a Shinto Blessing - A katana with a Shinto Blessing performed upon it can kill a Shōjō.
  • Magic - Using the correct spell, a shōjō can be enslaved to a person's will.



  • Shōjō is a Japanese word that means 'young girl,' with the implication of virgin.
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