Dale was a vampire and "son" to Celia.

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When Sam and Dean locate Alex's nest, they find the home empty but soon hear the sound of machinery outside. The Winchesters go to check it out, where Dean comes face to face with Dale, who is disposing of a body in a woodchipper. As Dale bears his fangs and approaches Dean, ready to attack, he is hit in the back of the head with a shovel. Dale next comes to inside the house, where he has been restrained by the Winchesters. After presumably being tortured, he eventually reveals to Sam and Dean that Alex was the "lure" for the nest, luring strange men to the house to feed the family. Before Sam and Dean make there leave to go and help Jody, Dean grabs his machete and decapitates Dale, leaving his body to be found by the rest of his family members.

Nearly two years after his death, Alex has a flashback to feeding a man to Cody and Dale while talking with her boyfriend Henry. In another flashback to before their deaths, Dale and the rest of Celia's Family descend on Richard Beesome after Alex lures him home. Dale and the other vampires drain Richard and ultimately turn him into a vampire himself, leading to Richard seeking revenge upon Alex.

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