These suckers tend to bite the hand that feeds them. And the arm, torsos...

A daeva is an ancient creature of shadow, a special type of demon, which can be summoned by other demons. Similar to hellhounds and unlike most demons, these demons do not need a host to attack humans.


Meg's altar which she used to summon the daevas.

Like hellhounds, daevas are beings used by demons as invisible killers. While they are invisible, daevas appear as humanoid shadows. Meg summons the daevas using a black altar. Caleb tells Dean Winchester that the Zoroastrian symbol, shaped like a Z, is a sigil for a daeva and is ancient magic, possibly ranging from two thousand years before Jesus Christ.

The daevas attacking Meg.

Meg has some control over the daevas, but when her black altar is destroyed, the daevas turn on her and pull her through a window, causing her to fall

They are invisible to the human eye except for their shadows. When they attack the Winchesters, Sam Winchester calls them "shadow demons" and repels them using a flare gun - making it impossible for shadows to exist in the room with that much light.

Power and Abilities

A daeva killing a woman.

  • Invisibility - They are naturally invisible, and their shadows can only be seen, which they require to manifest.
  • Teleportation - They seem to be able to move from place to place, like regular demons.
  • Claws - Used to rip human beings apart.
  • Super strength - Much stronger than any man, they are also stronger than higher black eyed demons.
  • Flight - It is possible they can fly as they only need light to roam freely.


Sam repelling the daevas with a flare gun.

  • Cannot manifest without shadows.
  • Extreme light.



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