This unnamed boy bullied Cyrus Frankenstein at school.


This boy went to school with Cyrus Frankenstein of the rich and powerful Styne Family. One day, after school, the boy left his two friends and walked over to Cyrus, asking Cyrus how much of a virgin he was. The boy insulted Cyrus's presumed lack of sexual experience, annoying Cyrus. When Cyrus refused to answer, the boy roughly demanded that Cyrus answer his question. With a laugh, Cyrus responded "you seem like the kind of dude who wants people to think he's hood, but no. You see, the hundred dollar haircut, the hybrid keys... I'd say you grew up in a white-bread wonderland. Your dad's probably a dentist, your mom's mostly Botox and they both bang the pool boy. Oh and you like rap, but your scared of black people. Even Will Smith."

Cyrus's words angered the boy while his friends laughed at him for the way Cyrus told the boy off. As Cyrus began walking away, the boy shoved him to the ground, called Cyrus a "little bitch" and threatened to kick his ass. Having seen the confrontation from nearby, Cyrus's cousin Eli approached to break it up, asking if there was a problem. Now visibly nervous, the boy told Eli that it was "all good," but Eli made it clear he was asking Cyrus. Possibly in an attempt to protect the boy from retaliation by his family, Cyrus claimed that there was no problem and that "its fine." As Cyrus left, Eli gave the boy a long stare.

Later, as the boy left a store sipping a drink, he spotted a car apparently following him and attempted to make a run for it. The boy ran right into Eli, spilling his drink all over Eli's clothes. The boy nervously told Eli that he had no beef with him, but Roscoe came up from behind and covered the boy's head with a plastic bag in retaliation for the boy harming Cyrus.

Later that day, Cyrus is brought into the Styne operating room where the boy is strapped to a table. As Cyrus looks at the boy with horror, the boy cries out, muffled behind his gag. Having heard of Cyrus's scuffle with the boy, Monroe decides to use it as "a teachable moment" and states that trash like the boy are only good for one thing: spare parts. Monroe announces his intention to have Cyrus carve the boy up, but Cyrus refuses due to his secret hatred for his family and their ways. Monroe threatens that if Cyrus doesn't "butcher that boy", Monroe will do it instead and then put Cyrus on the table and "go to work." Cyrus reluctantly agrees and begins cutting into the boy's chest with a scalpel. As the boy screams in agony, Cyrus can barely look at what he's doing to his former bully.

After all of the boy's parts have been harvested, Cyrus sits at a table, staring into the boy's lifeless eyes and crying. The boy's left arm is fitted onto Eldon to replace the arm that he lost escaping from the Men of Letters bunker.

After hunter Dean Winchester kills Roscoe, Eldon expects a fight between them over the murder of Charlie Bradbury. Stating that Dean got lucky before, Eldon displays the boy's sewed-on arm and tells Dean that he's "sporting some new upgrades" for their next fight. However, Dean kills Eldon and then Cyrus by shooting them in the head rather than engaging in a fight with Eldon.


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