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Cursed Objects are objects imbued with black magic, that cause bad luck and misfortune, and in the most extreme case, can cause death. According to Sam, with enough black magic, anything could be made deadly. Although most objects are limited to certain events, some are very powerful and extremely dangerous to the handler. Many objects possess forms of mind control.

The objects can only be held in special boxes, marked with special runes, which kept its dark magic trapped inside.

In Plush, a bunny head mask that caused a young man to commit murder was believed to be a cursed object but was in fact possessed by a ghost and used to get revenge.

Known Cursed Objects[]

  • The Rabbit's Foot - The most powerful cursed object seen, as it could warp reality itself, to make its holder incredibly lucky. However, losing the rabbit's foot would make the luck turn against the former owner.
  • Tiamat Coin - The coin was a cursed object that could grant people's wishes, but the wishes will eventually turn bad. The wishes could be nullified if the person who put the coin in the well in the first place removes it from the well.
  • Binbōgami's Coin - A japanese coin that the god of misery and poverty uses as a mean to attach himself to someone, and with time draining all their luck until they're dead.
  • Ballet Slippers - These slippers made the wearer literally dance until they died, they could also teleport to any potential wearer, change sizes so they fit the potential wearer, and made the person have a great urge to put them on.
  • Water Kettle - Once this pot boiled, it made its owner consume the boiling water until the contents killed them.
  • Gramaphone - Once played it, it took control over any person in the room and forced them to kill or at least attempt to kill others, it could be rendered harmless by being turned off.
  • A Vintage Gentleman's Magazine - Unknown exactly what its effects were, but it was also implied to possess a form of mind control. Whatever it caused, Dean Winchester commented that his brother didn't want to know how it killed, implying that it was bad or disgusting.