Curse Boxes in John Winchester's secret locker.

These are curse boxes. (...) They're built to contain the power of the cursed object.
Curse boxes are heavily guarded and locked containers with sigils on the exterior. They are designed to contain the magic of cursed objects to prevent them from causing harm. Cursed objects are created by magic, and can kill their owners. Once the box is opened, the curse of the object within is no longer neutralized. However, returning the object could neutralize the curse once more.

Season 3Edit

John Winchester kept curse boxes made for him by Bobby Singer at his secret storage space in New York. In Bad Day at Black Rock, one of his curse boxes was stolen by thieves working for Bela, and when they opened it, they found the Rabbit's Foot inside.

Season 7Edit


A safe containing several curse boxes.

In Out With The Old, Sam and Dean uncover a pair of cursed ballet slippers that are responsible for the death of a ballerina. They save the slippers' next intended victim, and trace them back to an antique shop that was owned by a hunter who died a week earlier. She kept at least four curse boxes in a safe, which was also marked with sigils, but her son, unaware of the significance, opened the boxes and sold the objects inside. Sam and Dean are able to recover all the objects and return them to the boxes and the safe. They take the safe with them in a trailer when they leave.

Season 10Edit

In Book of the Damned, it is discovered that the Men of Letters created a special curse box and stored it among the Styne Family files. The curse box has been branded by various Enochian sigils. It's later picked up by Sam and Dean who bring it along with them. It proved very effective in hiding the book and suppressing its power from Jacob Styne. At the end of the episode, Sam uses it to safe handle to Rowena.


  • The idea for the curse box may have come from the legend of Pandora's Box, a box that holds all the evil and all the diseases in the world, until - once opened - it releases all this evil upon the world, leaving only Hope behind.
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