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A curse, or hex, is a type of spell work done to cause misfortune, harm or death on whoever it is placed on. There are several renowned powerful curses known in Supernatural which investigated by Sam and Dean during the course of the series.

Bloody Mary[]

Bloody Mary is a curse that could be invoked by summoning the spirit of Mary Worthington. To cast the curse, people must chant "Bloody Mary" three times in front of a mirror. When summoned, she will cause the eyes of anyone around at the time who has a dark secret involving the horrific death of someone to bleed. To break the curse, the user can reflect the mirror back to her, so her spirit can be destroyed by her own power, and later smashed the mirror.

Euchee Tribe Curse[]

In Bugs, Two hundred years ago in Oasis Plains, Oklahoma the American Cavalry came to relocate the Euchee Tribe. The Euchees were resistant to being taken from their land. This caused the cavalry to become impatient and on the night "the moon and the sun share the sky as equals," the cavalry raided the Euchee village, raping and murdering the tribe. These rapes and murders would go on for six nights until every man, woman and child still in the village was dead. As a final act of retribution, on the sixth night, the dying village chief whispered to the heavens, "that no white man would ever tarnish this land again." The valley would be protected by nature, which would bring as many days of misery and death to the white man as the cavalry had brought upon the Euchee people. The curse itself is unbreakable.

Later, unknowing if the land is cursed, Larry Pike builds a real estate atop the cursed land and caused many supernatural incidents involving bug attacks. After five nights of continuous attacks, Sam and Dean later learned about the curse and postulate that when in the sixth night of the curse (same like days when a Euchee tribe village was wiped out by white people in past), and that Larry and his family are in danger. They arrive at the Pike's home, as the sky is blackened with swarms of insects. They take the family to the attic, where termites are already eating through the wood. Just as the bugs eat through the roof, the sun rises and the bugs all leave.

Rabbit's Foot[]

In Bad Day at Black Rock, A hundred years ago, in Baton Rouge, a conjure woman created the rabbit's foot under a full moon, in a cemetery on Friday the 13th. The cursed rabbit's foot would grant the possessor exceedingly good luck, but once the foot was out of the hands of the owner, the luck would turn, eventually leading to death. The curse was eventually stopped by Sam and Dean by burning the rabbit's foot in a cemetery with bone ash and cayenne pepper.

Tiamat Coin Curse[]

In Wishful Thinking, Sam and Dean discover that wishes made at the wishing well in Lucky Chin's restaurant in Concrete, Washington come true. They drain the wishing well and find a very unusual and ancient coin at the bottom. Try as they may, they cannot remove it. They eventually discover that Wes Mondale inherited the coin from his grandfather, who found it in North Africa but warned him not to use it. It later revealed if the coin actually was a "seed of chaos", created by ancient Sumerian Tiamat priests, using very ancient and powerful dark magic to create chaos. Several coins have been minted, and some of them caused enough chaos to wipe out some ancient cities in the world. To stop the coin powers, the coin must be removed from the well by the person who tossed it in in the first place. No one else can remove it. Once it is removed, however, all wishes will be undone. Sam and Dean force Wes to remove the coin, and they later melt it down to prevent it from ever being used again.

Veritas' Truth Curse[]

In You Can't Handle The Truth, After a young woman named Corey performed a ritual that summoned Veritas, the goddess of truth, all people in Calumet City, Illinois who asked aloud for the truth invoked her curse. Once invoked, the person is bombarded with harsh truths until they are driven to suicide as a tribute to Veritas.

Prometheus' Curse[]

In revenge for Prometheus giving fire to humanity, Zeus cursed him to die every day and have his liver eaten by an eagle. This curse persisted for millennia and Prometheus' memory was ultimately destroyed. His son inherited the curse from his father once he turned seven. After Prometheus killed Zeus with one of Artemis' arrows, the curse was broken. Prometheus permanently died from the same arrow that killed Zeus, but Oliver was set free from its effects.

Mark of Cain[]

The Mark of Cain was both lock and key created by God to keep his sister the Darkness imprisoned. The Mark was entrusted to Lucifer but soon began to assert its own corrupting will, revealing itself as the first curse. Lucifer would pass the Mark onto Cain after killing his brother Abel, and Cain, in turn, would pass the Mark onto Dean Winchester. The Mark slowly begins to corrupt, amplifying the darkest compulsions of the bearer. If a human bears the Mark, they must continually feed it, otherwise, they will succumb to the side effects of its immense power. If the bearer were to die, they would be resurrected as a demon. To remove the Mark without having passed it along to another bearer unlocks the cage that holds the Darkness, releasing it upon the world.

Kiss of Death[]

In Love Hurts, The "Kiss of Death" is an Aramaic curse created by the witch Sonja. Once the ritual is performed, it must be sealed with a kiss. The kiss marks the person for a qareen, who will appear as the persons deepest, darkest desire before ripping their heart out. The curse can be transferred by kiss, but once the qareen has killed the cursed individual, it will work back until it gets to the original person who performed the curse. The only way to lift the curse is by finding the qareen's heart and stabbing it.

Memory Curse[]

In Regarding Dean, The "Memory Curse" is a druidic curse that causes total memory loss. According to Rowena MacLeod, the curse is designed to cause a person to forget themselves. This starts off as periods of memory loss that grow more and more severe until the target has no memory at all. The curse will eventually make them forget how to talk, swallow and breathe, ultimately resulting in their death. The only way to undo the curse is to perform the reversal spell in the Black Grimoire.