This unnamed cupid appeared in a small town that also came under attack by Famine.


This cupid received orders from Heaven to match certain individuals together using his powers. The first known pair he interacted with (albeit behind the scenes) was Russell and Alice. However, Famine's influence drove the two to hunger for each other, leading to their deaths by cannibalism.

Sam and Dean Winchester came to investigate and found markings left by the cupid on the hearts of the deceased couples. They contacted Castiel, who provided information on the nature of cupids.

The trio waited at a restaurant until Castiel detected the cupid's presence. Castiel then went to immobilize him. The cupid was ordered to reveal himself, which he did, and proceeded to give all three a "hello hug".

Sam, Dean and Castiel suspected him to be behind the deaths of the various couples, a notion which shocked and hurt the cupid, driving him to tears. Castiel was talked by the brothers into comforting him. The cupid reassured him that he didn't do it and simply brought people closer together. He then begged his brother to read his mind, after Castiel did so he confirmed the Cupid was innocent. The cupid then mentioned Mary and John Winchester and how important their union was in Heaven.

His seemingly lack of remorse for the deaths of John and Mary led Dean to punch him in the face. The cupid subsequently vanished, his feelings once again hurt.


This cupid did his job while invisible. He was also very jolly and positive and very emotionally sensitive, easily upset by insults and accusations. He was considerably strong, as he was able to lift both Castiel and Dean off their feet. Unlike Gail and the Trucker Cupid, he wore no clothes, much to the discomfort of the Winchesters.



  • He is the first cupid to appear in the series.
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