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This unnamed angel was a member of the class of Cherubs, called by humans as Cupids.


This angel had recently match-made a man and a woman together whom he proceeded to observe, smiling proudly as he watched them. His smile fell when he sensed someone behind him and was met face to face with Lucifer.

Lucifer dragged him off to a more secluded location and devoured the angel's grace. Lucifer then punched a hole through his chest, killing the now former angel. The news of this cupid's death was reported through Angel Radio and other angels such as Anael were alerted of the incident.

Powers and Abilities[]

He likely possessed all the regular powers of an angel of his class.

  • Pathokinesis - As a cherub, he possessed the power to pair two humans together.
  • Astral Perception - As an angel, he was able to perceive others of kind in vessels, and was terrified when confronted by Lucifer.




  • He is the final cupid to appear on the show.