Crystal Thorrson was a resident of Superior, Nebraska and a friend of Rose McKinley who fell victim to two vampires.


Growing up in Superior, Nebraska, Crystal became best friends with fellow resident Rose McKinley. In 2015, Rose's brother J.J. introduced the girls to two guys who had recently come to town. One night, the girls left, presumably to have sex with the guys. The guys, Reggie and his friend were really vampires who killed Rose and kidnapped Crystal.

Rose's murder drew the attention of the hunter Rudy who called in fellow hunter Dean Winchester. With the help of J.J., Dean located the vampires' cabin and killed Reggie's friend before discovering Reggie holding Rudy hostage with Crystal tied up nearby. As Crystal watched in horror, Dean's goading of Reggie led to Rudy's accidental death before Dean decapitated Reggie. Dean cut a screaming Crystal free, introducing himself and telling the terrified girl that he just rescued her. In shock, Crystal stuttered out that Dean could've talked Reggie down instead, but Dean just left, telling Crystal "your welcome." Crystal was left alone in the cabin with the bodies of Rudy and Reggie.

That night, Sam Winchester arrives at the cabin to find the police there having learned of the events from Crystal. As Sam walks up to cabin, he spots a traumatized Crystal in a nearby ambulance repeating "he just let him die." Inside the cabin, the local sheriff tells Sam Crystal's story about Dean's actions.

It is unknown what ultimately happened to Crystal. Shortly afterwards, Superior suffered a Rabid infection that resulted in many residents getting killed or turning into Rabids and burning out before Sam found a cure.


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