Crowley's bones are the skeletal remains of Crowley from when he was the human known as Fergus MacLeod.


In an attempt to break his deal with the King of Hell Crowley, Bobby Singer begins seeking out Crowley's true name and through that, his human bones. After torturing a Crossroad Demon, Bobby manages to identify Crowley as Fergus MacLeod and locates Crowley's grave in Scotland with the help of Rufus Turner and the ghost of Gavin MacLeod, Crowley's son.

After locating Crowley's grave, Bobby sends the Winchesters to Scotland to dig up Crowley's bones. Once they have the bones, Bobby summons Crowley into a devil's trap and threatens that if Crowley doesn't break his deal, the Winchesters will burn Crowley's bones and kill the demon. With no other choice, Crowley breaks the deal and is released to retrieve his bones from Scotland. Though Dean considers burning the bones anyway, Sam stops him and allows Crowley to leave with his bones in a bag.

After retrieving his bones, Crowley hides them in a crypt in Guam at some point. In this hiding place, Crowley places them inside a sarcophagus arranged in the form of a full skeleton.

During the Raid on Crowley's Monster Prison, the Seraphim Castiel suddenly appears holding a bag of bones that he states is Crowley's. Castiel claims that Crowley didn't do a good enough job of hiding his bones and as a result, Castiel was able to find them. Castiel threatens destruction of the bones to force Crowley to release the Winchesters and Meg and demands to know if Crowley can or can't restore Sam's soul. When Crowley confirms that he can't, Castiel sets the bones on fire, causing Crowley and his vessel to burn to ash, apparently killing Crowley.

Unknown to the Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley are working together so Castiel purposefully burned the wrong bones. As a result, Castiel only pretended to kill Crowley thus faking Crowley's death and allowing him to work undetected for months on finding Purgatory.

During the final confrontation with Eve, Eve reveals that Crowley is alive to the Winchesters and Bobby. They subsequently begin a covert investigation into whether or not Castiel actually burned Crowley's bones or not. After Crowley's Assassins attack the Winchesters and Bobby, Castiel is forced to admit his "mistake," but inadvertently reveals in the process that he is in fact working with Crowley.

After getting the First Blade, Crowley hides it in a box kept in the sarcophagus containing his bones.

After Metatron claims that the First Blade is needed to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, the Winchesters implore Crowley to get them the First Blade. Crowley reveals that the First Blade is kept alongside his bones and complains that "I hate Guam this time of year." Unknown to the three, they are watched by Rowena MacLeod who sends Guthrie to retrieve the First Blade for her.

Crowley visits his crypt and finds his bones still where he left them in the coffin. However, Crowley finds the box containing the First Blade empty and returns to his lair in time to catch Rowena after she kills Guthrie.


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