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These two unnamed demons acted as guards in Crowley's Lair.


After taking down Jervis, the Winchesters hear more demons approaching and Sam sends Dean after Amara while he deals with the demons.

Armed with an angel blade, Sam waits for the demons who are surprised to see him. After a moment's consideration, Sam puts away his angel blade and charges at the two demons unarmed. Sam fights the two demons hand-to-hand, briefly overpowering one and attempting to bind him using a pair of Supernatural Handcuffs. However, the demon retaliates with a headbut before Sam can bind his hands, knocking the hunter off of him. Sam quickly knocks the demon to the floor, but is confronted by the other demon whom he had earlier knocked down before he can try to use the handcuffs again.

Taunting Sam about his "no kill policy," the demon charges him, grabs Sam around the throat and slams the hunter up against the walls. Finally, the demon pins Sam up against one of the walls and begins strangling him with his bare hands. As Sam desperately tries to break the demon's grip, the demon taunts "hunter, you of all people should know: pacifism doesn't pay." Struggling to breathe and seeing that the other demon is recovering, Sam stabs the demon strangling him in the side with an angel blade, killing him.

The other demon resumes his attack on Sam, but is quickly overpowered. Sam considers killing the demon with his angel blade, but after seeing that the demon is stunned, instead binds him with the handcuffs. Looking at the three dead or unconscious demons, Sam comments "alright. Two out of three" and leaves to help Dean with Amara.

Powers and Abilities[]

These demons appeared to be regular low-level demons with the powers of ones.


As regular low-level demons, they had all the weaknesses of ones.

  • Higher-Tier demons - As regular low-level demons, they were subservient to and weaker than higher level demons such as Crowley
  • Angel Blades - As regular low-level demons, they were vulnerable to angel blades.