Look, breakfast.
— One of the ghouls referring to Dean

These two unnamed ghouls were held in Crowley's Monster Prison.


These two ghouls were captured at some point by Crowley or demons working for him and were held in Crowley's Monster Prison. The demons appeared to feed the ghouls the monsters killed in the prison as there was a room full of fed on remains.

After capturing the Winchesters, two demons locked Dean in a room with them so the ghouls would kill Dean. Dean engaged the ghouls in a fight and though Dean held his own fairly well, he was ultimately outnumbered and brought to the ground by the ghouls. Before they could kill Dean, Sam entered the room, ripped a pipe off the wall and knocked one ghoul off of Dean. He then bashed in the head of the other ghoul with a single blow from the pipe. The ghoul Sam had knocked over rolled on his back and Sam stabbed the pipe through his head, killing him.


Killed ByEdit

As the ghouls prepared to feed on his brother, Sam hit one with a pipe, knocking him off of Dean. Sam then hit the other one in the head with the pipe hard enough to bash the ghoul's head in, killing him. As the other ghoul rolled over onto his back, Sam impaled him through the head with the pipe, killing the second ghoul.


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