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The Crowder pack was a pack of Werewolves that mainly consisted of the Crowder family, a family of Pureblood werewolves, along with other werewolves under them in Bridge Valley, Indiana.


At one point, they resided in the town. It is unknown how long they already reside in the town, but they claimed that they arrived before the Monsour Family many generations before and claimed the town as their territory. It was worthy of note as the pack members are quite renowned and attained quite prestigious positions in town, making the town always under their watch. In addition of the Jakkal's low profile nature, the revelation of the existence of both sides presence in the town were not known, until it was later uncovered accidentally when Marta Monsour encountered Sylvia Crowder.

At sometime in 2016, the family had significant members and held various positions within the town.

In the aftermath of Supernatural: Children of Anubis, the pack itself was nearly extinct after its actions drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and the rampage of Anubis. Much of the pack was wiped out in the conflict, primarily by the hunters both while they were acting on their own and under the possession of Anubis. Only Morgan and her baby brother Joshua survived. Both of them were later taken away by Garth along with the surviving members of Monsour Family out of the town to live together with Garth's peaceful werewolf pack in Wisconsin.


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