This Crossroads Demon is featured in Supernatural The Animation


In Crossroad, Dean and Sam attempt to save a man from his deal with the Crossroads Demon, which is near due.

Dean summons the demon while Sam protects the man from hellhounds. The Crossroads Demon informs Dean that she knows John is dead because he sold his own soul in exchange for Dean's. She mocks him over John's failure to avenge his wife, adding that John had made the deal with the very demon responsible - Azazel, the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

Dean forces two choices on the Crossroads Demon (Anime)

Dean forces two choices on the Crossroads Demon.

She adds that Dean had in fact summoned her so he can trade places with John, and she is willing to grant him this wish. Dean asks if this is truly possible, and she confirms it. Dean initially appears tempted, but has instead lured the Crossroads Demon into a Devil's Trap, and he forces her to break her contract with the man or else Dean will exorcise her.

She ultimately chooses to break the deal. Evan Hudson is saved, however, the Crossroads Demon mocks Dean further by letting him know that he just saved a stranger instead of his father.

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, Dean summons her again in order to trade places with Sam. The Crossroads Demon initially rejects his offer, saying his "pathetic little soul" isn't worth anything. She agrees once Dean asks for one year in exchange, so long as Dean makes no attempt to escape the deal. The two seal the deal with a kiss and Sam wakes up.


The Crossroads Demon's Red Eyes (Anime)

The Crossroads Demon's red eyes.

  • She is the only crossroads demon to appear in the Anime Series.
  • Her TV series counterpart is Dean's Crossroad Demon.
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