A Crocotta. Some kind of scavenger; mimics loved ones, whispers "come to me" and lures you into the dark and swallows your soul.

Crocottas are creatures that can mimic any person's voice to lure their victims out so they can feed.


It is commonly described in legend as luring people by calling their name, drawing them deeper into the forest until it can devour them. One Crocotta, noted this while bragging, stating how it was usually forced to wait for days, and even then, people were wise to its kind's tricks, and he was lucky to get two souls a year. In the modern age, at least one Crocotta has evolved to contact people by phone or computer. They can imitate the voice of a loved one, and tries to convince its victim to commit suicide or come to them, so it could kill them, so that it can swallow the victim's soul.

Crocotta also live in filth, and they are renowned for saying "come to me", so much so they are sometimes recognized simply from this line.

Physical Appearance

The true appearance of the crocotta is unknown. It can appear human, but when it feeds it unhinges its jaw and its large, sharp teeth are visible.


Season 3

SN314 653

Clark is killed by Sam.

Sam and Dean encounter Clark Adams while investigating deaths related to unusual phone calls, where the callers claim to be spirits. One call is even from John Winchester to Dean. Clark is a phone company supervisor, and he takes them to tech Stewie Meyers who helps them with a number. Research later shows that the calls are coming from a Crocotta, and Sam suspects Stewie. He goes to the phone company basement and confronts Stewie, but is hit over the head by Clark. Clark, who is the Crocotta, ties up Sam and Stewie, then kills the tech and eats his spirit. He makes another phone call to set a grieving father on Dean. He tries to kill Sam, but Sam gets loose and pushes him into a piece of metal protruding from a wall, killing Clark.

Powers and Abilities

SN314 538

Clark sucking Stewie's soul.

  • Soul Devouring - Crocottas can drain the soul of any human they've killed or are going to kill. However, this doesn't destroy the soul as this is beyond even the ability of far more powerful entities like Death.
  • Voice Mimicry - They can imitate the voice of any person, but they have to have heard their voice first. Crocottas are incredibly skilled at this, able to pick up a person's mannerisms to the extent that even people very close to the person they're imitating will not be able to distinguish the Crocotta from the actual person.
  • Shapeshifting - Like many supernatural creatures, Crocottas can take human form.
  • Invulnerability - They can only be killed through impalement through the back of their spine.
  • Super Strength - They have superior strength to humans, but not by much.
  • Super Speed - They have superior speed to humans, able to suddenly appear out of nowhere.
  • Longevity - They have a longer life span than humans, able to live for centuries.
  • Electrokinesis - Crocottas can manipulate technology, such as computers and phones. They can find and alter data, even erased data. They can make phone calls, hack into them, manipulate computer screens and net cameras, and can even make toy phones receive calls. To do this they seem to require to touch a connection to what they are manipulating.


  • Spinal Cord Injuries - Damage to the spinal cord, such as a stab through the back of the neck, will kill a Crocotta.



Crocotta, as illustrated in a medieval bestiary

The crocotta is a mythical beast of India and Ethiopia. Pliny, the Roman naturalist, described it as being "an animal which looks as though it had been produced by the coupling of the wolf and the dog, for it can break anything with its teeth, and instantly on swallowing it digest it with the stomach. . . " It is said to be a deadly enemy of men and dogs, and it simulates human speech so that it can call men by their names and draw them outside, where it will tear him to pieces. It also imitates a person being sick, to attract dogs so that it can attack them.

The Crocotta shown in Supernatural was very close to its folkore counterpart. Very little of the creature characteristics changed, the most notables were that they could control electricity and it never fed or called out to dogs like in traditional lore.

Known Crocottas



  • In Supernatural The Official Companion Season 3, crocottas are described as originating from India and Ethiopia, but evolved to the point where they can shapeshift into human form, changing color and gender at will. "There's not a lot of lore about the crocotta." says Jeremy Carver. "Truth be told, I'm not sure that Eric Kripke wasn't a little bit concerned that there wasn't enough lore about the crocotta. He kept saying to me, 'Maybe we can find another monster. Maybe we can find another monster.' Then he'd say, 'We just need a monster who can do this, this and this...' And the only monster I could find was the crocotta! Maybe its a little bit obscure, but it fit the bill in this case. The only time the lore was bent was giving the crocotta the ability to actually control the phone lines in the manner that he did. We took the mimicking and extrapolated. For Supernatural the monsters are adapted to use their skills in a modern age."
  • The crocotta sucks its dead victims' souls out through their mouths. This is similar to how a Dementor from the Harry Potter series sucks out a victim's soul, except the victim can survive without their soul (though in a state worse than death) and has to be alive for the kiss to be performed.
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