Creatures are non-human beings that have an unknown origin and/or are not descended from Eve. They come from various realms, have various powers and unique appearances.


Creatures from HellEdit

These are beings that reside in Hell who are not demons.

Creatures from other RealitiesEdit

These are creatures unique to other realities.

Creatures from other RealmsEdit

These are creatures that have not been seen on Earth.

Creatures of unknown nameEdit

Shapeshifting CreaturesEdit

These are creatures that have the ability to shapeshift to some degree.

Spiritual CreaturesEdit

These are creatures that have spirit like abilities such as invisibility.

Unique CreaturesEdit

These are creatures unique in terms of abilities and powers.

Mentioned CreaturesEdit

These are creatures who have only been mentioned.

  • Asuras (mentioned by Rowena)
  • Baku (mentioned by Rufus)
  • Basilisk (mentioned by Crowley and Luther)
  • Big Foot (mentioned by Sam)
  • Black Dogs (mentioned by Sam)
  • Boogieman (mentioned by Crowley)
  • Chupacabra (mentioned by Gordon and Sam)
  • Dwarves (mentioned by Mr. Vili)
  • Frost Giants (mentioned by Mr. Vili)
  • Giant Turtle (mentioned by Odin and Zao Shen)
  • Giants (mentioned by Garth)
  • Griffin (mentioned by Gadreel)
  • Jersey Devil (mentioned by Bobby)
  • Kraken (mentioned by Crowley)
  • Leszy (mentioned in John Winchester's Journal)
  • Loch Ness Monster (mentioned by Bobby)
  • Minotaur (mentioned by Sam)
  • Mummys (allusion only)
  • Phantom Gasser (mentioned by Sam)
  • Spring-Heeled Jack (mentioned by Sam)
  • Unicorns (have not yet been presented in the series as a true creature, the unicorn who appears in one episode was a manifestation of a child's fear, not a creature. Dean also believes there is no such thing as unicorns.)
  • Whispers (mentioned by Castiel)



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