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Creatures are non-human beings that have an unknown origin and/or are not descended from Eve. They come from various realms, have various powers and unique appearances.


Creatures from Hell[]

These are beings that reside in Hell who are not demons.

Creatures from other Realities[]

These are creatures unique to other realities.

Creatures from other Realms[]

These are creatures that have not been seen on Earth.

Unnamed Creatures[]

Shapeshifting Creatures[]

These are creatures that have the ability to shapeshift to some degree.

Spiritual Creatures[]

These are creatures that have spirit like abilities such as invisibility.

Unique Creatures[]

These are creatures unique in terms of abilities and powers.

Mentioned Creatures[]

These are creatures who have only been mentioned.

  • Angiak (mentioned by Sam)
  • Asuras (mentioned by Rowena)
  • Baku (mentioned by Rufus)
  • Basilisk (mentioned by Crowley and Luther)
  • Big Foot (mentioned by Sam)
  • Black Dogs (mentioned by Sam)
  • Boogieman (mentioned by Crowley)
  • Chupacabra (mentioned by Gordon and Sam)
  • Dwarves (mentioned by Mr. Vili)
  • Easter Bunny (mentioned by Bela)
  • Frost Giants (mentioned by Mr. Vili)
  • World Turtle (mentioned by Odin and Zao Shen)
  • Giants (mentioned by Garth)
  • Griffin (mentioned by Gadreel)
  • Jersey Devil (mentioned by Bobby)
  • Kraken (mentioned by Crowley)
  • Krampus (Bobby claimed they were fake, but never confirmed)
  • Leszy (mentioned in John Winchester's Journal)
  • Loch Ness Monster (mentioned by Bobby)
  • Minotaurs (mentioned by Sam)
  • Mummys (allusion only)
  • Nukekubi (mentioned by Bobby)
  • Ogre (mentioned by Sam)
  • Phantom Gasser (mentioned by Sam)
  • Sandman (mentioned by Dean)
  • Satyrs (mentioned by Sam)
  • Spring-Heeled Jack (mentioned by Sam)
  • Unicorns (have not yet been presented in the series as a true creature, the unicorn who appears in one episode was a manifestation of a child's fear, not a creature. Dean also believes there is no such thing as unicorns.)
  • Whispers (mentioned by Castiel)