There's a value - a glory - in creation, that's greater and truer than my pride or my ego. Call it grace, call it being; whatever it is, it didn't come from my hands! It was there! Waiting to be born! It just is, as you and I just were!

Creation refers to all the things God created.


The Universe, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, The Empty, The Nest, Avalon, God's Bar, and The Darkness' prison represent all of existence in the Supernatural world. However, not all of these were created by God.

Places Created by God

The Universe

The physical realm created after the Darkness was sealed away.

  • Milky Way Galaxy
    • Earth - The home planet of the human species and other animals. Also inhabited by monsters, angels, and demons.
  • Billions of others Galaxies


A spiritual realm created after the Darkness has been sealed away. It's a home for God and his Angels as well as the final destination for worthy humans.

  • Heaven's dungeon - A prison for angels.
  • Axis Mundi - The road that leads to the center of Heaven. It appears different for every person.
  • The Garden - The center of Heaven; every human experiences it differently.


A spiritual realm created as the final destination place for evil humans. It also serves as a home for Demons.

  • Lucifer's Cage - The prison for the fallen archangel Lucifer.
  • Limbo - The furthest reaches of Hell, close to the cage.


A realm created by God to contain his first and most dangerous beasts, the Leviathans. Over time, it became the destination of the souls of monsters, as well as the home of Eve.

  • Portal to Earth - A portal designed for humans to escape Purgatory.

God's Bar

The safest place ever created. Built shortly after the Darkness was released, for God to observe his sister's destruction and renovation of his universe.

Beings created by God


  • Archangels - The most powerful angels, God created them before the universe itself.
  • Seraphim - A higher class of angels. One was the leader of Heaven's rebellion forces.
  • Rit Zien - The medics of Heaven.
  • Grigori - Assigned to protect humanity; however, they became evil over time.
  • Regular Angels - Powerful beings that are assigned to enforce Heaven's will.
  • Cherubim - A lower class of angels designed to make people fall in love.


  • The first beasts God created.


God created all the original Hellhounds, but later decided to destroy them. Of the first hellhounds, only Ramsey survived, having been rescued by Lucifer.


God's favorite creation.

Things Created by God's creations

Things Not Created by God or his Creations


Monsters were created by Eve.

  • Alphas - The first and strongest of the monsters.


Rabids were created by The Darkness.

Things With Unknown Creators

Creatures and things that are born from unknown sources.

  • God and The Darkness - Two of the most powerful beings in existence, said to just have existed.
  • Pagan Gods - Powerful creatures worshiped by humans.
  • Reapers - TBA.
  • Fairies - Powerful creatures from Avalon.
    • Oberon - The king of the fairies.
  • Eve - The Mother of All; created all monsters except the Leviathans, whom she's said to be related to.
  • Banshee - A creature with a high-pitch scream that feeds on the vulnerable.
  • Bisaans - A monster-like creature that takes over humans.
  • Soul Eaters - Creatures that feed on souls.
  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - TBA.
  • The Empty - A void that existed before God or the Darkness.
  • Cosmic Entity - A mysterious being who lives in and controls the Empty.
  • Shedim - Hell's most savage, noted to be "so dark and base that God himself would not allow them into the light".


  • According to God, although he was the one who made nearly everything, it was "already there" in some way, "waiting to be born". When the Darkness asked what crime she committed to deserve imprisonment, he goes so far as to say that "the world needed to be born".
  • God considers his creations to be experiments.
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