This unnamed coroner is a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania.


This coroner presents to Sam and Dean Winchester the body of a young man, telling them everything was in tact except the liver was missing.

When Dean asks if there were any teeth marks from where the liver was ripped out, the coroner is left perplexed and asks to see their badges. Confirming that they are indeed real cops, the coroner adds that they are also "morons". Dean counters that they are in fact very smart.

The coroner explains that the liver was not ripped out but surgically removed by someone who knew how to use a scalpel. Since he wrote it in the report, he asks if the two men even saw it. Dean says they did, saying it was "riveting and delightful".

This leaves the coroner feeling displeased. He promptly asks if they're done and tells them to leave.



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