Hey, hey, you stay, you fight, you die. And so do we. Look...he's gone. I'm sorry, but he's gone. Help us. Please.
Corbin to Dean Winchester
in Red Meat

Corbin Tilghman was a man who was captured and turned by a pack of werewolves.


While on their honeymoon touring national parks, Corbin and his wife Michelle were taken captive by a pack of werewolves in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. The werewolves had the two captive for days in an easement cabin in the national park they were exploring as part of their honeymoon and apparently tormented and tortured them, resulting in Michelle getting several cuts, some of which became infected and Corbin ending up with three claw marks on his chest on top of his more minor injuries. Presumably wanting to make Corbin a part of their pack, one of the werewolves bit him on the arm.

Corbin and Michelle's disappearance along with the disappearances of four other hikers drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. While investigating, the Winchesters were directed to the werewolves cabin by Rose, who was in fact the pack's leader. In a fight, the Winchesters killed the two werewolves guarding the couple, but Sam was shot in the abdomen and seriously wounded in the process.

After the werewolves' deaths, Corbin directed Dean to the handcuff keys and comforted the injured and weak Michelle as they were freed from their handcuffs. After learning that there was no landline in the cabin, Dean intended to go off alone to find a signal for his cell phone in order to get help for Sam and Michelle, but Corbin warned of the other werewolves that would eventually return. Dean and Corbin helped the injured Sam and Michelle from the cabin, but Sam's wound prevented them from going too far and they were forced to seek shelter inside a ranger station.

With Sam barely able to move, Corbin told Dean that they had to leave Sam behind as Sam was only slowing them down. Corbin stated a belief that Sam's wound were inevitably fatal while the sick and injured Michelle could still be saved, but Dean refused to leave Sam. Dean headed outside to make a litter, leaving Corbin alone with Michelle and Sam. After Dean was gone, a desperate Corbin cornered Sam behind the counter and told the injured hunter that if they stayed, they would all die but he and Michelle couldn't survive outside without Dean. Corbin began suffocating the injured Sam with his bare hands with Sam unable to break his grip. As Corbin suffocated Sam, Sam noticed his bite wound and realized that Corbin would soon become a werewolf. Finally, Sam apparently died from Corbin's suffocation and Corbin claimed to Michelle that Sam had just died suddenly.

As the remaining werewolves approached in their truck, Dean returned and Corbin lied once more that Sam had suddenly died of his wound. While Dean wanted to make a stand against the werewolves, Corbin convinced Dean that he and Michelle still needed Dean's help. Reluctantly leaving Sam behind, Dean helped Corbin and Michelle flee the ranger station as the werewolves arrived.

Making their way through the woods to the road, Michelle confronted Corbin suspiciously about what had actually happened to Sam. Corbin stated that he did what he had to in order to keep Michelle safe, alarming his wife with the implications of his statement. The group eventually reached the road where Dean was able to get the attention of local Sheriff Ben Anderson who tasered Dean when he refused to come with them.

The group was taken to the Cottonwood Urgent Care where Michelle's wounds were treated and she was stabilized. Sheriff Anderson promised to send rangers to the cabin and the ranger station to check out their story, but Corbin dismissed Michelle's story about the werewolves to the sheriff and implied that the Winchesters may have lied about what happened. At Dr. Kessler's insistence, Corbin was treated as well with the doctor noting his bite wound. Corbin was surprised to be feeling better than he would've expected with such injuries.

A short time later, as Dr. Kessler treated Dean's drug overdose, Corbin checked himself out in the mirror and found that his bite wound was gone. As Corbin removed the bandages on his chest, the claw wounds healed as well and Corbin transformed into a werewolf for the first time. Apparently terrified of what was happening to him, Corbin wrecked his hospital room, drawing the attention of Dr. Kessler. Calming down and giving into his new nature, Corbin killed Dr. Kessler.

Dr. Kessler's death drew the attention of Michelle and Sheriff Anderson who found the doctor's body. As they examined it, Corbin rammed his clawed hand through Sheriff Anderson's body, killing him. Now intoxicated by his new power, Corbin told the horrified Michelle that he had never wanted this, but it did happen and it feels good to him. Corbin advances on Michelle, intending to turn her into a werewolf as well so that they can be together forever.

Before Corbin can reach Michelle, he is tackled to the ground by Dean. Corbin and Dean fight briefly, but Corbin quickly gains the upper hand and strangles Dean on the floor as Dean desperately tries to break free. Before Corbin can kill Dean, he is shot through the heart from behind with a silver bullet by Sam, who survived Corbin's murder attempt.

In the aftermath, the doctors are able to save Sam's life and Michelle is treated and released. The doctors determine that Corbin's attack put Sam's body into a state of shock, slowing down his breathing and heartrate to almost nothing, meaning that Sam was only mostly dead. Michelle is left in shock by losing Corbin after everything they had been through together and is unsure of what to do without him. Michelle tells Dean that Corbin wasn't a killer and had only tried to kill Sam for Michelle's sake. Dean acknowledges this, believing Michelle that Corbin wasn't always the monster that he had become at the end of his life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Corbin possessed all the regular powers of a werewolf.

  • Shapeshifting - As a werewolf, he had the ability to shift between human and wolf form. As a pureblood, he could do this at any time.
  • Infectious bite- He possessed the ability to turn others into werewolves through his bite.
  • Claws and Fangs - Werewolves have powerful claws and are able to cut through solid walls. Their fangs can tear human flesh and can rip out a human heart right out of their chest cavity. Pureblood werewolves are able to transform just their claws without transforming fully.
  • Superhuman Strength - As a werewolf, he had strength greater than that of a normal human. Corbin was able to ram his clawed hand right through a man's body to kill him.
  • Enhanced Agility - Werewolves agility is greater than humans, often allowing them to perform incredible jumps and sprints easily.
  • Super speed - Werewolves are capable of moving much faster than humans.
  • Super stamina - Werewolves do not tire easily.
  • Super Senses - All werewolves are able to see better than humans in darkness, similar to actual wolves, their sense of smell and hearing is equally enhanced. 
  • Invulnerability - Werewolves can't be killed by conventional means and weapons. Silver however, can kill them.
  • Regeneration - Werewolves can regenerate all non-lethal damage. Purebloods are even able to completely heal their original bites. After transforming for the first time, all of Corbin's injuries from his time with Rose's pack quickly healed.


Corbin possessed all of the weaknesses of a werewolf.

  • Silver - Corbin was shot and killed with a silver bullet.


As a human before he transformed into a werewolf, Corbin was shown to deeply love his wife Michelle to the point that he was willing to commit murder to save her. Corbin appeared to genuinely regret having to kill Sam Winchester, but justified it as doing what he had to do to keep Michelle safe. He also lied to Sheriff Ben Anderson about the werewolves and implied that the Winchesters had made up the story and that Michelle believed it in her injured state, possibly to keep the sheriff from thinking they were insane. Michelle later stated to Dean Winchester that Corbin was not a murderous man and had only did what he did to protect her, something that Dean believed even after all that Corbin did.

After his transformation into a werewolf, Corbin initially appeared to be frightened as he seemed to wreck his hospital room. Corbin even stated to Michelle that he never wanted what happened to him. However, Corbin quickly became intoxicated by the power of being a werewolf as shown in his statement to Michelle about how good it felt to him. Corbin gave into his werewolf instincts quickly and killed Dr. Kessler and Sheriff Anderson without hesitation or remorse unlike with his "murder" of Sam. Before his death, Corbin's human side appeared to have been taken over by his animal side completely with very little of the human Corbin remaining. All that seemed to remain of the human Corbin in the werewolf Corbin was his love for Michelle.


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