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Lucifer transformed Lilith into the first demon by mutilating and twisting her soul

Conversion was the power to transform a being into an entirely new and different type of being.

Characters with this power

  • Monsters- Monsters were able to transform humans into their respective species by various means, such as bite, venom, or blood transfusion.
  • Eve- Eve were able to transform any human into any monster she wished with only a touch. She could even transform them into a hybrid species, such as the Jefferson Starships, although she require needed to experiment before perfecting it, as the betas began to die before she mastered it.
  • Demons- Demons were able to transform human souls into demons through torture.
  • Lucifer- Lucifer transformed Lilith into the first demon by torturing and mutilating her soul.

Objects and curses with this effect

Spells and rituals with this effect

  • Demon Curing Ritual- This ritual was able to convert a demon back into a human again using purified human blood.
  • Rabid reversion - Sam Winchester discovered that he could remove the rabid infection by using ignited holy oil to purify himself and others of it.
  • Vampire cure - A cure for curing vampirism was known and involved the blood of the vampire's sire, but only worked as long as the new vampire had not fed on human blood. Samuel Campbell knew this cure and showed his grandsons Sam and Dean Winchester.
  • Vampire resurrection ritual - A ritual was also used to resurrect a dead vampire as a human using their dead body and soul. Dean Winchester used this ritual after leaving Purgatory to resurrect Benny Lafitte.


  • Grace removal- The removal of an angel's grace rendered them human, through either reincarnation as a human, or being locked inside their vessel.
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