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Lucifer transformed Lilith into the first demon by mutilating and twisting her soul

Conversion is the power to transform a being into an entirely new and different type of being.

Characters with this power

  • Monsters- Monsters can transform Humans into their respective species by various means, such as bite, venom or blood transfusion.
  • Eve- Eve can transform any human into any monster she wishes with only a touch. She can even transform them into a hybrid species, such as the Jefferson Starships, although it seems that she requires experimentation before perfecting it, as the betas began to die before she mastered it.
  • Demons- Demons can transform human souls into demons through torture.
  • Lucifer- Lucifer transformed Lilith into the first demon by torturing and mutilating her soul.

Objects and curses with this effect

Spells and rituals with this effect


  • Grace Removal- The removal of an angel's grace will render them human, through either reincarnation as a human, or being locked inside their vessel.
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