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Lucifer transformed Lilith into the first demon by mutilating and twisting her soul

Conversion is the power to transform a being into an entirely new and different type of being. It can be a form of Biokinesis, Soul Manipulation or even Reality Warping.

Characters With This PowerEdit

  • Eve - Eve was able to transform any human into any kind of monster she wished by only a touch. She could even transform them into a hybrid species, such as the Jefferson Starships, although she require needed to experiment before perfecting it, as the betas began to die before she mastered it.
  • Monsters - Monsters were able to transform humans into their respective species by various means, such as bite, venom, or blood transfusion.
    • Alphas - The firsts of each species, created directly by Eve, spread their curses all over the world.
  • Demons - Demons were able to transform human souls into demons through torture.
  • Lucifer - Lucifer transformed Lilith (and later other humans) into the first demon by twisting her soul and tempting her.
  • God - Transformed Castiel, a regular angel, into a Seraphim when resurrected him.
  • Castiel - Cured Dean, who was a Jefferson Starship at the time, into a human again.
  • The Darkness - Able to create a Fog capable to turn humans into rabids.
  • Harmonia - After making a deal with the Amazons, she made them less human and more monstruous than they already were.
  • Jack Kline - Jack is able to forge human souls into angels.

Objects and Curses With This EffectEdit

Spells and Rituals With This EffectEdit

  • Cures - Cures are usually meant to turn people who were tranformed into some kind of creature into a human again.
  • Trying to Enter In The Deities Realm (non-canon) - When a woman called Metzlicihuatl tried to enter in Deities Realm along with Huehuecoyotl, somehow, was changed into a borderwalker.
  • Resurrection - Some resurrections, depending on who or what makes them, has as a collateral effect, turn the being resurrected into a zombie, or in Castiel's first Resurrection's case turned him into a Seraphim, also, when the Mark of Cain resurrect a human, turn him into demon.
  • Grace Removal/Absorption - The removal of an angel's grace rendered them human, through either reincarnation as a human, or being locked inside their vessel. Conversely, absorbing grace will turn them back into an angel, with power and rank depending on whether they absorbed their own grace or that of another angel.
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