These three unnamed demons attacked Dean Winchester inside of a convenience store.

History Edit

These demons were among a handful of demons who heard rumors of a magical healer named Emmanuel. These demons attempted to find him and give him to Crowley for a reward. 

When Dean found Emmanuel he realized he was Castiel and had amnesia. Emmanuel agreed to help Dean and heal his brother Sam. These three tracked both of them down while this happened and followed them both without drawing their attention.

When Emmanuel and Dean stopped at a convenience store Emmanuel stayed in the car while Dean went inside. Dean tries to make a phone call inside but one of the demons attack him and Dean kills it with the Demon-Killing Knife. Dean's phone is destroyed in the fight, and two more demons come at Dean. They attack him and Dean drops the knife, but someone comes in, stabs one, and drives the other one out. However, a surprised Dean realizes that it's Meg, not Emanuel.

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