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Constantine was an angel from Castiel's faction who worked in a hospital along with Tessa, Oren and Flagstaff, where they performed minor miracles to save human lives.


Season 9[]

Constantine committed suicide with the Energy Focusing Sigil craved in his chest, killing Tyrus, who was the leader of a faction of angels Metatron was trying to recruit, and injuring Gadreel, who protected Metatron.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

As an angel, Constantine possessed basic angelic abilities.

  • Angelic Possession - Constantine needed his vessel's consent in order to walk the earth.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, Constantine could not be killed by most forms of harm.
  • Immunity - He would not age unless killed.
  • Super Strength - Constantine was able to endow his vessel with superhuman strength.


Constantine possessed weaknesses inherent in all low-tier angels.

  • Angel Blades - An angel blade could harm and kill Constantine and it could be use to activate the Energy Focusing Sigil.
  • Energy Focusing Sigil - Using this sigil caused Constantine's death.



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