You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

These two unnamed children were the son and daughter of Constance and Joseph Welch.


Early LifeEdit

In 1981, twenty-four-year-old Constance Welch drowned after she jumped off Sylvania Bridge near the Centennial Highway in Jericho, California. An hour previously, she had called 911 and reported that her two children, 5 and 6 years old, drowned in the bath after she briefly left them unattended. In reality, she went insane and drowned her children after finding out her husband Joseph had been unfaithful.

Season 1Edit

Supernatural101 593

The two ghosts bringing their mother to the afterlife.

When Dean and Sam forced Constance to enter her old home, the ghosts of her two children appeared. They embraced their mother and her spirit was dragged into the afterlife.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

These two ghosts seem to have the same abilities as other ghosts do.

  • Biokinesis - These two ghosts, like all other ghosts have the ability to drop the temperature at a fast rate.
  • Intangibility - These two ghosts, like all other ghosts have the ability to go through people due to not being solid.
  • Teleportation - These two ghosts appeared out of nowhere in order to bring their mother to the afterlife
  • Super Speed - These two ghosts managed to walk over to their mother at an unnatural amount of speed in order to bring her to her afterlife.
  • Invisibility - These two ghosts were not seen at first until they revealed themselves to confront their mother.


In LoreEdit

In Mexican folklore, La Llorona drowned her children and now cries while looking for them in the river, often causing misfortune to those who are near or hear her.

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