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I can never go home.
Constance Welch
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Constance Welch (born 1957 - April 23, 1981) was a ghost who plagued a highway as a Woman in White. She is the first supernatural enemy the Winchester brothers are faced with in the series.


Early Life[]

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In 1981, twenty-four year old Constance Welch drowned after she jumped off Sylvania Bridge near the Centennial Highway in Jericho, California. An hour previously, she had called 911 and reported that her two children drowned in the bath after she briefly left them unattended. In reality, she went insane and drowned her children after finding out her husband Joseph had been unfaithful.

Season 1[]

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Since her death, she haunted the highway, appearing as a hitchhiker to young men. Constance would beg to be taken home, but once on arrival to an old abandoned house, she'd protest that she could never go home. She would then kill the young men after she tempted them into being unfaithful. Ten men died on the same five mile stretch of highway before Sam and Dean Winchester stopped her.

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On the voicemail message John Winchester leaves Dean, there is EVP of Constance saying "I can never go home." When Dean and Sam forced her to enter her old home, the ghosts of her two children appeared. They embraced their mother and her spirit was dragged into the afterlife.

Season 14[]

After God releases all of the souls from Hell, Constance's ghost appears on a roadside, ready to continue killing men, starting with a man that stops to help her.

Season 15[]

In Back and to the Future, Sam and Dean come upon the aftermath of Constance's first victim after being released. He and Sam quickly realize that it looks like a Woman in White, with Sam suggesting it could be their Woman in White, despite having sent her to Hell years ago.

During the evacuation in Harlan, the sheriff comes across Constance, who quickly rips out his throat. When Dean and Belphegor find the body, Dean notices the drop in temperature and tells Belphegor they need to go. Constance appears, and recognizes Dean as having taken her home, before throwing him to the side into a dumpster. She then turns her attention to Belphegor, who tries to talk her down, but gets scratched across his hand by Constance before Dean hits her with iron and banishes her temporarily.

In Raising Hell, although not seen, Constance's soul was trapped in the Soul Catcher by Rowena MacLeod along with all of the other ghosts haunting Harlan.

In Carry On, as Dean is dying, the Winchesters reminisce about their first hunt back together with Constance Welch, the Woman in White.

Powers and Abilities[]

Constance was a strong ghost.

  • Electrokinesis - She was able to cause electronics to malfunction, notably causing car radios to turn static.
    • EVP - Her power over technology allowed her to include a message on John's phone call.
  • Super Strength - She was able to casually overpower and maul grown men.
  • Intangibility - She could phase her fingers into the chests of humans to cause pain, which she did to Sam, leaving holes in his shirt.
  • Telekinesis - She was a capable telekinetic, able to take control of the Impala to chase Sam and Dean and later trapped Sam inside it in an effort to force him to take her home.
  • Teleportation - She could move from place to place in the blink of an eye, allowing her to vanish the moment Sam's car drove into her and appearing inside it.
  • Super Speed - She could move incredibly fast as a flickering, distorted form.
  • Invisibility - She could only be seen when she wanted to be.
  • Shapeshifting - She was able to change her form from that of a beautiful woman into a decaying corpse.


  • Her children - Being forced to acknowledge her guilt by bringing her home to the ghosts of her children was able to force Constance to rest.



  • Constance's misery over her husband's unfaithfulness and her subsequent killing of unfaithful men as a ghost is similar to Isabella.
  • With a period of 305 episodes between her appearances, Constance Welch had the longest gap between appearances in the whole series.


Constance is based on La Llorona, a popular legend in Mexico, with many versions extant. The basic story tells that La Llorona was a beautiful woman by the name of Maria who killed her children by drowning them in order to be with the man she loved, but was subsequently rejected by him. (He might have been the children's father who had left her for another woman.) Then, after being rejected by her lover, she killed herself. When Maria reached the gates of Heaven, she was asked, "Where are your children?" and she replied, "I don't know, my Lord." She was not permitted to enter heaven until she found her children. She now wanders the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned offspring. Her constant weeping is the reason for her name. In some cases, according to the tale, she will kidnap wandering children who look like her lost children or children who disobey their parents.

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